The June 2018 Full Moon in Capricorn Shows You How to Rule at Adulting

June 26, 2018

On Wednesday, June 27, 9:52pm PST, the full moon will be in Capricorn. This moon is also known as the Strawberry Moon, because it marks the perfect time to hunt for ripe wild strawberries.

Even though a full Strawberry Moon sounds to us like pretty much the best thing ever, traditionally, Capricorn is considered the sign of the moon’s “detriment”— in other words, the sign in which lunar energy has the hardest time expressing itself.

During the few days each month when the moon transits this sign, we often put our feelings on the back burner and take a more pragmatic approach to life. It’s the perfect time for getting things done… but, for tuning in to our emotions, instincts, or moods — not so much.

What Does the Full Moon in Capricorn Mean?

When the moon is full in Capricorn, we’re likely to feel this tension even more. That’s because the sun is in the opposite sign of Cancer which, as the moon’s home sign, is all about emotions, instincts, and moods. If there’s an imbalance in our lives between the objective and the subjective, the practical and the emotional, we’re likely to see it reflected back to us through situations, encounters, and events that play out around this full moon.

The sign of the sea-goat may not be the most comfortable place for a full moon, but that doesn’t have to be a bad thing. True, we all want a little Cancerian TLC now and then… but sometimes Capricorn’s brand of “tough love” is what we actually need.

Ruled by cosmic disciplinarian Saturn, this moon teaches us to gain mastery over our emotions so we control them, they don’t control us. It helps us establish boundaries so we don’t take things too personally, or take on too much of other people’s baggage. Under this full moon, we can develop a better sense of when it’s safe and appropriate to express our feelings, and when we’re better off keeping a stiff upper lip.

Self-discipline is what the full moon in Capricorn is all about. Sure, we all have our moods, and most of the time it’s better to work with the natural ebb and flow of our energies rather than against it. But there are some things in life that we have to do whether we’re in the mood or not. It’s called “adulting”—and if we’re in need of a reminder, this full moon shows us how it’s done!

Full Moon in Sagittarius by Sign


Right now it seems like everyone you meet is looking for a heart-to-heart talk or a shoulder to cry on, Capricorn, when all you want to do is get on with business as usual. But, not so fast—the feelings coming up at this full moon are too deep to brush aside. Instead of wondering why everyone else is so sensitive, ask yourself how you could be more like them.


Who has time for soul-searching when you’re busy saving the world? If this sounds like you, Aquarius, you should probably make some time at this full moon to go within and work on your spiritual growth. No one’s questioning your humanitarian motives, but focusing all your attention on curing society’s ills can also be a convenient excuse to avoid dealing with your own stuff.


Some people think daydreaming is a waste of time, but you know better, Pisces. Over the years, your deep dives in the sea of imagination have resulted in some truly inspired creations! Still, it’s important to know when to come up for air. This full moon encourages you to bring more structure to your creative visions and share them with others in more accessible forms.


Whether you’re in a good mood or a bad mood, everyone around you knows exactly how you’re feeling at any given moment. It may make no difference to you, Aries, but it could be making a big difference to your reputation. This full moon makes it clear that you’ll have to rein yourself in a little if you want others to take you more seriously.


Admit it, Taurus: you love being right, and hate having your ideas challenged or criticized. Ultimately, though, it doesn’t matter whether the winning idea is yours or someone else’s—the important thing is finding an idea that works. This full moon asks you to take a more detached and pragmatic approach to problem-solving, and reminds you there’s always more to learn.


Great communicators like you know that the best way to get what you want is to talk to the right person. But there are times in life when you’re left with nothing to draw from except your own resources, Gemini. If you’ve been relying too heavily on others to get your needs met, this full moon points to ways you can—and should—develop greater self-reliance.


You’re not asking for much, Cancer. All you want is to have your feelings acknowledged and validated by the people closest to you. Unfortunately, you’re surrounded by stoics who just don’t seem to get what the big deal is. As maddening as their indifference may be, try not to take it personally. Use this full moon as a lesson in self-reliance and objectivity.


Shyness and insecurity aren’t traits you’re typically associated with, Leo, but sometimes even you have your doubts. Are you really cut out for the leadership roles life keeps bestowing on you? The only way to find out is to rise to the occasion. This full moon challenges you to put personal pride aside and focus on being of service.


If your schedule this month is packed tighter than you originally wanted it to be, Virgo, your chronic inability to say “no” was most likely the culprit. But at this full moon, it’s becoming clear that “no” is a word you’ll have to get more comfortable saying if you want more time and space in your life for the things you actually enjoy.


Genuine concern for others and eagerness to make everyone around you comfortable are the secrets of your success, Libra. But how often do you listen to your own feelings and do what would truly make you comfortable? If you’ve been stingy with self-care, this full moon can bring things to a head, forcing you to put your own needs first for a change.


Once you’ve made up your mind about something, Scorpio, there’s very little that can persuade you to change it. But the worldview you adopt and the decisions you make don’t just affect you—they can also have very real effects on other people’s lives. This full moon encourages you to look beyond your own situation and let yourself be moved by empathy and compassion for others.


Self-reliance is one of your greatest virtues, Sagittarius, but without a healthy sense of your own limitations, it can just as easily become a vice. We get it—accepting support from other people can entangle you in relationships that restrict your personal freedom. But at this full moon, that’s just a compromise you’ll have to make to get where you want to go.