The Power of Jade: Inner Peace and Harmony

October 18, 2017

The planets are all maneuvering into Libra now – the courtroom is filling with witnesses.

The stage is set for us to pass through a gateway of strife and come to peace and harmony, both globally and personally. The last fading sliver of moon is already joining Venus, Mars and Mercury in the sign that measures and metes out justice.

We must remember the phrase “Peace Begins At Home.”

Much has been said about how simply sending “love and light” is not enough, praying is not enough, hoping for the best is not enough – and it isn’t. We must act. But much has also been said about how our actions in our personal lives affect and shape the future of the world – and they do. If we are not at peace within ourselves, we cannot expect to be bearers of peace in the larger world.

Jade was called “the concentrated essence of love” by Chinese philosophers. It is musically resonant and was used for centuries to create gongs, chimes and bells.

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This stone literally sings the song of peace, harmonizing with the clink of the cosmic scales as they seek balance.

Today, jade is humming at us, inviting us to balance our own internal scales. Holding jade in your open palm, practice taking deep, slow breaths. Focus on peace. With each in-breath, draw peace into your heart. With each out-breath, offer peace unto the world.

We must be the peacekeepers.

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