The Stars Want You to Practice Self Care Today

May 2, 2018

We’re in for a relatively uneventful week in the cosmos, and boy do we need it after a very volatile Aries season. Now that the sun is firmly ensconced in Taurus, we get a chance to take a breather. 

Yesterday was Beltane, an ancient holiday governing the cross-quarter day between spring and summer. It is one of the eight holy days in the pagan calendar, and it is traditionally spent ribboning a maypole and venerating the May Queen, the younger stand-in for the Goddess in her prime.

Because of the relatively mellow astrological happenings this week, and because Beltane is still shining a rosy light upon all of our undertakings, I want to suggest that we take a peaceful and quiet moment to connect with the body of the earth. 

Plus, the moon in Sagittarius squares Neptune in Pisces today at 3:10pm, which can help us deepen meditations and visions.

Moss agate is just the ticket: this mesmerizing beauty enhances communion with plants and animals, balances mood, promotes patience and peace and reminds you that you are a child and steward both of this precious green earth.

Just rest in the sun wearing, or holding, one of these.

You deserve it.