These June 2018 New Moon Tarotscopes See Right to the Heart of You

June 12, 2018

A June new moon will always be a beautiful time to plant seeds and realign yourself with your core intentions. New moons are perfect for creating new habits, starting fresh, and taking risks.
This June new moon, take time to pay attention. Pay attention to how you speak to yourself. How you look at yourself in the mirror. Pay attention to what you are embodying, what you are communicating, and how you engage with the world.

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We make shifts in small moments with noticing. We make change by when we tell ourselves new stories. We make changes when we allow ourselves to become more of ourselves, and when we let other people see us in all our vulnerability and our glory. This new moon, be sure to shine brightest for you and only you.


3 of Cups

You may have had a tiny or major rough go of it, as of late, Aries.
The welcome news is that there are people who want to help you. The fantastic news is that you are in the process of integrating the lessons of what your last tumble taught you.
The homework at this new moon time isn’t homework at all. It is life work. Surround yourself with your people. Go out, laugh. If it isn’t fun after an hour, leave, and do something else enjoyable. Celebrate all you have accomplished. Keep giving yourself reminders that life is magical, that pleasure is imperative.
Reconnect with your innate altruism, and the next few months will provide you with the joy and community you need.


8 of Swords

Taurus, the theme of this new moon, for you, is all about energy. Where you put it. Where you need it. Where you lose it. The quality of the energy you give your work, your community, your home, yourself, and the collective.
Discern between isolating yourself and plugging yourself back into yourself. Figure out if it is time to take a break from working so hard, and if there needs to be a focus on matters of the mind, on honing your thought waves and brain patterns.
This could be a deeply transformative time for your relationships — including how you relate to yourself.
When you are drained, you revert to either/or thinking and quickly get distressed and exhausted. Others around you suffer or can’t help you. When you are plugged into your own energy, you are a beautiful river of roses that float you along with ease. Others wish to float along with you and help you over the rapids. Take time this week to check in, call your energy back, and plug back into yourself.


3 of Swords

Gemini, this new moon is all about unbreaking your own heart.
Whatever that looks like for you, this month is the time to do the work of setting yourself free. Could be from an old, old, wound. Could be from something deeply not cute that just happened last month. Regardless of the cause, all signs are pointing to sitting with yourself and being willing to forgive yourself.
All the stars above your head wish for you to realize that you are both lock and key, in regards to this deep wound. This new moon wants you to put the emphasis on heart healing.
Sweet Gem, you are so wonderful, you are so beloved by so many. Can you commit to loving yourself and seeing yourself as we all do?


10 of Wands Reversed

Cancer, you’ve been going very, very hard in one or more areas of your life. There are a lot of you that are downright ragged from running for so long. You’ve been taking on too much: too much of other people’s energy, too much of other people’s problems, or too much work.
The good news is, this pattern is shifting now. It starts with you. Let go of what is not important. Do not continue on with certain ways of working, or certain relationships if they are not serving you. Being busy is not the same as being useful.
At this new moon, do not take on anything new. Take stock of your physical health, nourish your body, and make a plan to move forward with more help, and more ease.


The Lovers

Lovely Leo, you got the Lovers card! This is the card of this Gemini new moon. Make a wish! Go out dancing, or at least take yourself on a date out of the house!
Expressing yourself is the name of this game. Let yourself be enthralled by different conversations, that allow you access to new ways of thinking about a subject. Try new combinations this week: new ways of communicating, mixing up styles or outfits, or different ways of putting your talents together.
If you cast any spells, let them be around creativity, around people seeing you, around integration, and about you seeing yourself completely.


6 of Cups

When the 6 of Cups shows up in a reading, it is a beautiful symbol of giving and of love. Of giving back, and of emotionally-based roles and identities shifting.
Could it be time to practice asking for what you want? Virgo, how are you letting others care for you? What does your inner child need at this time?
This is a new moon that could put the focus on love and loving. The ways that love is a verb, the ways that you need love to be an action, where it is time to give back to yourself, and where you must allow others into your process— especially if what you are finding you need is shifting.


The High Priestess

Libra, this is a new moon to dive deep. Deep into your magic, deep into your subconscious, and deep into your own inner world. What messages do you get when you meditate, when you journal, when you pull Tarot cards?
Listen to what is bubbling forth in your life. Pay attention to any synchronicity. Let your intuition lead you down new pathways, even if it seems scary. How do you embody your magic?
Let the way you prepare your tea, the way you put on lipstick, the way you decorate your bedroom all line up with what you are invoking into your world.


9 of Swords

Sweet Scorpio, you have a habit of taking on other’s pain because your empathy can be a strong, deep well. Lovely Scorpio, you tend to hold it all in, for others, and yourself. Beautiful one, it is time to figure out that much of your pain is not of you. It didn’t come from you, and now it is time to let it all go.
A cycle is ending for you in your life— you are learning that blaming yourself is not constructive. You are reminding yourself of your energetic boundaries. Remember, sweet one, trying to hold the weight of the world only leaves your palms bleeding.
This new moon could be a perfect time to work through shame and rewrite some limiting beliefs. You are expanding in every which way this year, and bringing along crap that isn’t yours is not in the cards.


Ace of Wands

New projects, new passions, new perversions, oh my! The new moon time has all the makings of a yummy s’more perfectly melted over a smoky bonfire.
Sagittarius, what has been put on the back-burner of your life? What have you been putting all the bursts of inspiration that have been raining down on you in the shower, when you run, on your commute, or that come up in conversation?
If those lightning bolts have been shoved in a closet in the back of your mind, take them out. Let them light up the sky or, at least, take up space in your journal. This is not the time to ignore your desires. This is the time to go for that which lights up your pupils and stands the hair on your neck up.
Your ideas are a lover whispering secrets in your ear. Turn those whispers into a banner that no one can miss.


Page of Cups

Capricorn, you are ready to put your focus on listening for a while. Listening to whale song, to the birds calling out to one another first thing in the morning. Listening to your emotions and taking them seriously. It might be time to get very, very quiet in order to do so. It might be time to become very, very tender.
At this new moon, let your feelings be your guide. Access them by doing something creative you don’t normally do. Write poems to your subconscious, learn how to say I love, I trust you, I see you, in another language. It is ok if you can’t parse out concrete meanings at this time. It is ok if nothing tangible, nothing productive or quantifiable takes place. Your inner realms need tending to, your subconscious is ready to express itself in different ways.
The best thing to do for yourself at this new moon time is to take a bath in the dark. Close your eyes and let your heart write you a haiku that illustrates the quality of its pulse.


7 of Cups

Decisions, decisions, decisions! Isn’t that right, Aquarius?
At this new moon time, let’s take a step back first. Take a few deep breaths. Before you make a decision to pluck some of the delicious opportunities that have been popping up in your path like so many electric yellow wildflowers, pause. Would doing so only bring you more of the same? Or are you ready to wait, are you ready to hold out for that perfect plum that will taste completely different?
We can feel the need to say yes immediately out of scarcity, out of the need to distract ourselves, or out of comfort. This time around, wait for your heart to let you know which choice to make. Chances are, what is coming around the bend will feel and taste completely different, which is exactly what you are yearning for at this time.


The Emperor

These past few months have had you pondering your personal power, precious Pisces. Your relationship to your own power is due for a change.
Power doesn’t have to be a weapon, a withholding device, or a total boring suit-and-tie drag. Power can always be used to help others, power can be soft, can be silky, can be flexible. A true leader isn’t a tyrant, blaming and shaming. A true leader lets others take the stage and allows the collective to feel safe.
Putting yourself first isn’t selfish; it is integral. It allows you to feel whole and to show up with more presence.
At this new moon, rethink your own relationship to your own authority. It’s time you stopped waiting for permission. Make a list of all the ways you are ready to move forward into the next phase of your life.

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