These New Moon Tarotscopes Will Blow Your Mind

May 15, 2018

For this new moon cycle in Taurus, the founder of the Many Moons workbook series has pulled one tarot card for each sun sign, then channeled its guidance just for you.

Get ready to feel seen.

new moon in Taurus 2018

The Tower

Aries, the truth will set you free. But, first, it might break your heart.

It is time for some major fear bull-dozing this lunar cycle. You may have been running one or more areas of your life on autopilot, confusing them for your identity when really your behaviors have been masking some deep-rooted fears.

It’s time to take a look at the foundation of some of your limiting belief patterns. Beliefs are just thoughts you think over and over again. Bow to the truth of the present moment, trusting there is healing on the other side.
Make a new moon intention around one thing that scares your ego deeply, and then spend the next month doing it.

The Wheel of Fortune

Happy new moon, sweet Taurus!

You are beginning a new cycle that involves risks and recognition. You are doing the work of letting go of your black-and-white thinking. You are suspending worry and judgment, knowing that it isn’t over until its over and that what might be seen as a bad omen one day ends up becoming a goddess-send the next.

While you wait for all of it to pan out, breathe, and focus on what you can control. Everything that you are building right now in your life is leading to something else, and you need to be buckled up for the ride. During this next phase, what comes to fruition might not line up with exactly what you had planned, and that’s ok.

Spend your energy focusing on what centers and grounds you, what gives you pleasure, and what is focused on forward-momentum.

The planet Jupiter is correlated with the Wheel of Fortune card, so use the energies of this planet—generosity and expansion— to keep your desires moving. You are just getting started, lucky lover.

The Chariot

Go, Gemini, go! This cycle puts you in a truly exciting role of movement and traveling far beyond where you’ve been.

You’ve worked so hard for so long, you charming gem. Now is the time to take the energy of your highest visions, combine it with discipline, and charge forward.

Commit to what you want with confidence. Balance that with the knowledge that you are at the beginning of a longer cycle – you are going to need healthy boundaries and an eye on the long game to keep up stamina for your long winning streak.

Luckily, what you are beginning is intriguing to you and combines a number of your different interests to keep you going. Celebrate your new state of being and all you’ve accomplished at this New Moon. It is well-deserved.

The Page of Cups

Cancer, this new moon cycle could be ignited by gentle building and listening to love’s messages.

The lotus grows from the mud. If you need to write a story about everything that the hurts of the past taught you, then do so. This will change the tune you’ve been humming if it has been a heartbreaking one. You can transform a sad song and make it better, by putting it in the squarely in the past.

Being a student of your intuition at this time is the way to go. Lean into the quiet and nurture your inner voices.

Create, create, create with a beginner’s mind, this moon cycle. Pick up scissors and glue and make something new.
If you are beginning a cycle around deeper self-love, and the mastery of your vast emotional intelligence, plant seeds with the intentions of flowing with guidance from above and within. Ask for the support you need. Keep your creative projects nourished and nurtured. View them as tender and eggshell fragile right now. A baby needs attention and nourishment, not criticisms and punishments.

The Ace of Cups

Lovely Leo, happy new moon! This new moon could begin a new cycle about how you move in the spirit of self-love, and the service of spirit.

Put an emphasis on listening to your heart at this new moon time— for you, this is probably easy. What do you need to do to be more in alignment with what the essence of what your soul came here to do? Do your desires need to take up more space? Do you need to be more tender to yourself? Do you need to create a new moon altar to self-love and spend the evening sipping rose nectar and writing love letters to yourself?

This also might be an opportune time to start a new project that revolves around a subject that you really care about, that in time will help the collective. Focus on the fountains of self-love coming from within— from you and for you and you alone. If it is time to open up about matters of the heart with others or to share your heart more, now is the time to do so.

The Hermit

Hello, Virgo! You pulled the Hermit, the card that corresponds to your sign.

You are feeling in alignment with who you are right now. Lately, you may have been pulled in a lot of different directions by situations outside of you, and it is time to withdraw some of your precious energy so that you can regroup. You need some time that is just for you to parse out the what if’s, the how’s, the why’s.

Focus on the behind-the-scenes work on the various projects you have bubbling on the stove of your life. Put that auto responder on your email that tells the world you aren’t immediately available. Let this next moon cycle be about realigning with your values, your visions, and the most virtuous versions of your self.

Give thanks for all the amazing nuggets of gold that you give the world after you’ve given yourself the time to mine them in the depths of your sovereign incubation periods of silence.

The Lovers

Beautiful Libra, this is a time of cosmic choices and cosmic chances.

Choices around how you engage, who you engage with, and what’s best for your soul’s expansion. If collaboration with others is on deck, go for it, so long as the group will be making something incredible together, not just you carrying all the weight.

This is also a shedding time, a vulnerable time for you. Remember that when snakes shed, it is ultimately to get larger. If your growing pains are, well, painful, remember that this itchiness is part of the process.

What you decide to give up during this new moon cycle will grant you much more space to dance across the starry stage that is to be your springtime.

Queen of Wands

Scorpio, you amazing creature! All your hard work has been really paying off!

Can you allow yourself to catch up to yourself? Can you allow yourself to really name and accept all of the greatness you have achieved so far this year?

Many of you Scorpios have been embarking on and dealing with a lot of challenging projects/states of mind/transformations in 2018, and here, at the almost half-way mark of the year, many of them have already come to fruition.

It is rare for you to slow down and relax. Try to, at this new moon time.

It is rare for you to not be swimming in the depths all the time, deep sea diver of the psyche that you are. Try to swim up and float in the sun’s rays.

This cycle, you will get ahead by being serious about having fun. This cycle, trust that your enjoyment of life will be moving you along to just where you need to be.

Page of Wands

At this new moon time, Sagittarius, it may be feeling like two steps forward, one step back. That’s because the universe wants you to hop into a beginner’s mindset around growth, passion, and how your inspiration shows up.

Your inspiration might come from calling in sick and driving to the nearest flower field. Your inspiration might come from sitting down at your desk with a poem you freestyle, then ripping it up and putting it back together again. The point of the stalling, if you’ve been in a stalled pattern, is to get you back to yourself and back to what the point of all of this is anyway.

The point is to discover interesting points of life and to embody the web simultaneously.

The point is to chase the sparks until they grow into a magical bonfire that keeps you warm and engaged for longer than you’d ever thought possible.

The Sun

Capricorn, I hope you are letting the rays of your sun warm your own heart as much as you’ve been shining your light onto others.

Hopefully, you’ve decided to drop the dogged ambition for dogma’s sake and have firmly touched base with the thrill that only conscious consciousness can give. Hopefully, you’ve been seeing your experimentations with vulnerability as a victory lap. Hopefully, you’ve booked a trip or two this spring where you’ll get to show some skin.

If you haven’t, get started at this new moon.

All the work is for nothing if you aren’t going to ride the horses of joy and play every once in a while. At this new moon, get ambitious about reawakening your connection to innocence and commit to bouncing up and down unabashedly on the mechanical bull that is called life.

Ten of Cups

Aquarius, the Ten of Cups at this new noon is asking you to count your blessings. Every. Single. One. Of. Them. And there are a LOT, so this might take all of the new-moon time!

This new moon wants you to take your expansive, forward-thinking mentality and reign it into the areas of your heart and what it needs in the here and now, every day.

Make emotional contentment your goal, from your first cup of morning coffee to the last text you send a loved one before you drift off to sleep on your favorite fluffy pillow. Focus on the near and dear—the people you see every day. The people who have been supporting you and believing in you since day one. Since before you believed in yourself. Call everyone up that you love and tell them you love them.

This might be a time to focus on that attitude of gratitude by taking care of who has been taking care of you. Ten of Cups energy is the best kind of energy to cast a spell for more love, more happiness, more bounty. When you combine your intentions with a group of people, this energy has no choice but to undulate outward in a rainbow-colored sea of love that will envelop the collective.

The Ace of Swords

Pisces, this new moon wants you to come to an understanding of your power.

You’ve got a lot of it. You aren’t always comfortable with it. It’s not a driving concern in your life, necessarily.
When you are in alignment with your truth, when you speak your passion, you move mountains. Recently, you may have gone through a period of some real breakdowns and breakthroughs.  At this new moon time, you may be a bit exhausted from all the cord-cutting, all the boundary setting, all the releasing of self-doubt.

At this new moon time, reconnect to when you feel most empowered.

Maybe it is when you are taking a walk in the mountains, cavorting with ravens. Maybe it is when you are in front of your keyboard, singing over harmonic patterns. Wherever that place may be, literally or psychically, tap into it very intentionally at this time. Then take that energy and apply to the area of your life where you feel the most doubtful and scared.

The truth of the matter is you’ve never lost what you’ve always had. It just got buried for a while. Now it’s been found, and you are reactivated.

Step forward.

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