This Is the Perfect Jam for Today's Powerful Trine

May 11, 2018

“All the Stars”
by Kendrick Lamar and SZA

“You need a hero?
Look in the mirror, there go your hero”

It’s a full-speed-ahead, transformational day thanks to the sun in Taurus forming a lovely trine with Pluto.

This powerful transit can help you create a lasting impact within the professional and personal spheres, making today an excellent day for negotiating a future that aligns with your inner truth.

Pluto inspires us to go deep, deeper into our own subconscious drives, and deeper into subjects and tasks that require intensive focus. This transit allows us to bring buried aspects to the surface, while also lending increased personal power, momentum and initiative.

For more on what Pluto is currently up to, check out our recent article: “A Brutal Master: Everything You Need to Know About Pluto Retrograde”

While Pluto can take us into some heavy psychic territory, this trine boosts our ability to cope with such high-powered, transformative energy. This is an excellent day to eliminate unwanted clutter, and with the sun in Taurus giving an extra boost to household improvements, you may be able to accomplish quite a bit of clean up and restructuring today.

In “All the Stars” by Kendrick Lamar and SZA, we peer into the mind of a warmonger as he questions his loyalty to battle and bloodshed in the face of love. Pluto is the energy of destruction and regeneration, so its lessons tend to shake us from safe yet restrictive situations.

The reality you’re striving for may be closer than you realize, so use this trine to clear away the psychic and physical dust. You may want to pump “All the Stars” at full volume as you clear the cobwebs from your home, or pump yourself up for an important presentation.