This Weekend's Aries Moon Will Make You Restless

May 10, 2018

Get ready, y’all.

On Friday, there is an Aries moon that will have us all feeling restless and ready to go.

Meanwhile, an earthy trine between the sun and retrograde Pluto (in TaurusCapricorn) could be a nice, grounding influence—but it could also keep you stuck in a rut if you don’t make a conscious effort to shake things up. And anyway, Pluto’s quincunx with Venus in Gemini suggests that we should all risk a little discomfort to get what we truly desire.

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If you’re not careful, all those built-up frustrations will come to a head Saturday when Mercury in Aries squares Mars in Capricorn. So, be bold, follow your instincts, and challenge the status quo! Just remember, what you say and do in the heat of the moment can have long-term consequences.

Thankfully, Sunday will truly be a day of rest. Mercury conjoins radical Uranus, it’s true, but then moves into calmer Taurus territory. Later in the day, the moon also enters Taurus, giving us a quiet afternoon to decompress.

Friday, May 11 – Sunday May 13, 2018

You know that cool co-worker who’s always saying, “We should hang out sometime?” Actually invite them to hang out. Once you get past the initial awkwardness, you’ll have fun seeing each other in a different context.

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Browse the shelves at your favorite bookstore, but avoid the aisles you typically haunt. Instead, venture into the section you’d never be caught dead in (you know the one!) and see what sparks your interest.

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You’re blessed with a great support system. But counting too much on a partner, family, or friends can be disempowering to you. Choose one task you’ve been outsourcing to another person, and learn how to do it yourself.

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Lately, you’ve forgotten where you end and a certain someone begins. Do yourselves both a favor and spend some time apart this weekend. See other people, or indulge in your favorite “secret single behavior.” 

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What’s the point of being in the spotlight if you can’t bring attention to a worthy cause? Put your star power to good use this weekend. Make an appearance at a protest march or charity event—better yet, organize your own!

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Left to your own devices, you’d happily spend another weekend mowing the lawn and watering the plants. That’s one way to enjoy the outdoors—but why not broaden your horizons? Enlist some nature-loving friends for a camping trip, hike, or other outdoor adventure.

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Tensions between you and a loved one have been building up for too long—it’s time to clear the air. A change of scenery can help put things in perspective. Go for a long walk together and talk things out, heart to heart.

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Old habits die hard, especially where diet and exercise are concerned. But no more excuses: it’s time to make some changes to your wellness routine. Partner up for best results—teamwork makes the dream work!

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You’ve been working hard, saving your pennies, and balancing your budget. But it wouldn’t hurt to loosen the purse strings now and then, especially for someone you love. Treat them to a special dinner or surprise them with a thoughtful gift. 

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Most of the time, you prefer to be the one calling the shots. But some decisions, like the one facing you right now, affect the entire family. Shouldn’t you ask them what they think? The answers you get may surprise you.

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You pride yourself on your ability to stay calm, cool, and collected. But repressing how you really feel isn’t doing you any favors. Use creative writing (or your preferred art form of choice) to express what’s in your heart.

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Unplug yourself from the matrix this weekend: take a break from social media. You’ll be amazed how much easier it is to hear yourself think! Tune out the noise, and tune in to your inner guidance.

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