How to Channel Unconditional Love and What Crystal to Use

May 9, 2018

Last night, the sun in Taurus was opposite Jupiter in Scorpio, which meant that all night long the planet of luck shone brighter than he does all year. The reflective chemistry between these two celestial bodies is earthy, sensual, empowering, and dynamic. Think of it as the sun shining some additional light on everything we’ve been processing this Jupiter in Scorpio cycle: themes of sexuality, embodiment, safety, and potency may come to the surface this week.

Meanwhile, the dreamy, swooning moon in Pisces is mighty curious about Saturn in Capricorn, and she prods gently at the Lord of Discipline today. This is a sweet moment between these two, when the Pisces moon’s gentle dreaminess seems to alleviate a bit of Saturn’s sternness and they strike a delicate balance.

Did you know that Saturn is retrograde in Capricorn? Find out more here: “Karma Chameleon: Everything You Need to Know About Saturn Retrograde”

But, what does all this mean? Sun in Taurus opposite Jupiter in Scorpio creates a great desire to accomplish material things, and the trine between the sun and Pluto that takes place on Friday reinforces the potential of creating big change in the material world – especially when we consider that Saturn might let up on us a tiny bit while the Pisces moon distracts him.

Basically, grand works and miracles are possible this week if we can do the work to channel our best selves, and bloodstone is a perfect ally for this.



A close cousin to last week’s gemstone, moss agate, bloodstone is a green agate with inclusions of red jasper and has a longstanding association with Christ consciousness, or enlightenment. This stone helps you stay humble, work hard, hold compassion above all other values, be brave and above all, get shit done. And, collectively, we have a lot to get in order before Uranus’ movement into Taurus next week.

One of the best ways to work with bloodstone is through constant communication with its gentle, encouraging vibration of unconditional love. Try wearing or carrying the same piece day and night, and returning to it as a touchstone of sorts – a reminder of your highest intentions upon this good green earth.

Use bloodstone as a place to meditate on expressions of humility and gratitude. Each time you sit with this stone, feel your heart washed by peace.