Venus Conjunct Neptune: Calling All Dreamers

February 21, 2018


Calling all wunderkind! All dreamers, all believers! All those pulled by strange currents into strange waters!

This Saturday, Venus meets up with Neptune in dreamy, otherworldly Pisces so that they can make some magic together.

Much has been said about the romantic potential of this conjunction, and many astrologers are turning their attention toward relationships and love, but there’s also a really lush and lovely indication of creative potential and divine inspiration, not to mention the ability to turn your dreams into reality.

What are your dreams trying to tell you?

Years ago, my gemological mentor pressed a piece of high-grade aquamarine into my palm and told me how sailors used to wear it for protection at sea. They called it a “gift from the mermaids,” she said.

I felt instantly calm, tranquil, and filled with a gentle, easy faith.

It is the season for aquamarine anyway, an absolutely gorgeous gemstone long associated with the sign of Pisces, the last and final sign of the zodiac, which the sun entered three days ago, and which will get a ton of attention with the aforementioned conjunction.

One of the areas in which Pisces really shines is creative transformation. As the natural Sybil of the zodiac, Pisces can usually hear the call of the other worlds loud and clear.

Turns out, aquamarine is a natural ally for this sign, especially this week. Aquamarine was historically said to enhance beauty and social standing, guard against gossip or ill fortune, and augment clarity of thought and lucid dreaming. Contemporary mystics find that it aids in self-expression and accurate translation of intuited works or inspired moments.

If you’ve been wanting to embark upon a creative voyage, slip a piece of aquamarine into your pocket and climb aboard.

Grounding Elements Pro-Tip: This half-pound’s worth of raw aquamarine pieces come in a velvet bag – carry it with you and, when you feel called, give small pieces out to friends and strangers alike.