Venus Conjunct Pluto: Manifest Universal Love

January 8, 2018


The Capricorn sun is conjunct with Venus and Pluto today.

Whenever Venus is involved in a conjunction, it’s like sprinkling sugar on the top of whatever’s going on. Venus is, of course, the planetary symbol of love, and with the sun and Pluto bringing manifestation energy, it’s a great time for love spells, and violet is a great flower to use.

Using the essential oil in aromatherapy – or bringing the fresh flower, with its heart shaped petals, into your home – enhances romantic energy.  The color purple is a mixture of blue and red: peace and passion coming together to create love.
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Violets are a sweet and humble small flower. They are protective and gently healing. It is an edible flower, and adds some exotic excitement to a salad or vegetable dish.

The romantic love energy of violets is accompanied by a higher spiritual universal love as well.  A flower essence of violet can help to strengthen personal self-worth while also connecting you to that universal energy.

You can make tea from dried violets, thereby receiving the gentle emotional healing along with the physical benefits – the flowers and leaves are high in vitamins A and C. Violets are also anti-inflammatory so you can use it as an oil or a poultice to soothe irritated skin.

Violets, and the Venus energy, can add a touch of sweet romance to any situation.

Grounding Elements Pro Tip: This tried-and-true violet flower essence from Bach is said to help develop warmer relationships.