Venus in Libra: Love for all Beings

November 3, 2017

“The Gate” by Bjork

“My healed chest wound
Transformed into a gate
Where I receive love from
Where I give love from”

The universe is pulling out all the stops today as far as love and relationships are concerned, so take advantage of this stellar celestial energy by planning an evening of romance!

Venus in Libra and Saturn in Sagittarius are forming a lovely sextile, giving a boost to romantic and interpersonal unions. It’s all about “we” with this aspect, and this sextile is often seen in the charts of strong marriages due to Saturn’s stabilizing prowess.

Is love in the cards for you?

In addition, the sun in Scorpio is trining Neptune in Pisces, bringing a sense of deep interpersonal love. Perfect timing and a pure compassion accompany this trine, and since Scorpio and Pisces are involved, spiritual connections and ideals will be front and center. Flowing with this trine can reveal a deep sense of oneness with the universal energy of agape, or love for all beings.

Icelandic songstress Bjork has always straddled the line between pop and the experimental, and her latest track “The Gate” reveals a new found vulnerability amidst her avant garde sensibilities. We may want to run from love when we’ve experienced heartbreak, but within the pain is the realization of a deeper compassion for one another.

A quincunx between Mercury and Uranus today can bring incredible new ideas into the atmosphere, but remember to stay grounded in the reality of the here and now. That brilliant idea isn’t going anywhere, so write it down and start brainstorming.

Listen to today’s Song of the Moment here.