This Venus-Jupiter Conjunction Will Make Your Life Sparkly

January 21, 2019

Have you been waiting for your most luminous dreams to come true? You’re in luck! The stars are officially here to help. Venus conjunct Jupiter is considered a minor transit, but it’s also one of the most exciting and highly-anticipated in the minds of astrologers and astronomers alike.

Astronomically speaking, the early morning conjunction of Venus and Jupiter on January 22 is of note for stargazers, as it will be visible sans telescope. Venus and Jupiter are the third and fourth brightest objects in the celestial sphere respectively, after the sun and moon. In measurable space, they are of course very far apart, but occasionally they align to create the appearance of a single gorgeous, twinkling megastar positioned in the eastern sky. You’ll have to get up ahead of sunrise, but it’s a sight worth setting an alarm for.

Some historians suggest that the famed Star of Bethlehem was actually a Venus-Jupiter conjunction that was spectacularly aligned. In this case, we’ll be able to see the conjunction for quite a while as it occurs with Venus—by far the brighter of the two planets—46 degrees west of the sun, which is about as far away as she can get; her distance from the sun makes her own luminosity all the more obvious and compelling. Venus will set below the horizon after the conjunction, while Jupiter will rise into the sky and fade away as the day progresses.

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Astrologically, this conjunction is equally captivating. Venus and Jupiter are referred to as the great benefics—the most benevolent and expansive planets—so when they get together, conditions are bound to be bolstered. They offer abundance, sparkle, and excitement to everything they touch, effects only enhanced with Jupiter in his home sign of Sagittarius. This is an ideal time for manifestation work and generally living your best life.

After all of the heaviness that came with Capricorn season and an extremely potent start to the 2019 eclipse cycle, everyone deserves a moment to bask in the extravagant shimmer of this conjunction. The mood is lush, romantic, fun-loving, and larger than life.

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But there are some cautionary points: superficiality, excess flirtation, and overspending are all potential issues at this time. Remember that all that glitters is not gold; stay in alignment with your true goals and avoid getting side-tracked by some less-than-tangible Venus-Jupiter glitz. Pay special attention to areas of your chart ruled by Sagittarius, as they’ll be supercharged with high vibes during this transit.

So throw on some sequins, get social, prioritize play, and focus on your wildest, most abundant daydreams—this conjunction radiates potential along with light.

Image by Criene via Twenty20