Virgo Moon Opposite Neptune in Pisces: Fact or Fiction?

February 2, 2018

by Charli XCX (featuring Caroline Polachek)

“…holdin’ on until we break
Now we’re in a different place”

Remember to play nice today as Venus and Saturn form an abrasive 45-degree angle, creating tension and relationship issues.

Friction concerning who’s pulling the weight in a relationship could surface, and partnerships across the board might be stressed. Also, you may feel torn between work and play as the strong presence of Saturn in Capricorn seems to demand more of your time, energy, and effort with the taskmaster planet residing comfortably in earthy Capricorn.

Meanwhile, the moon in Virgo opposes Neptune in Pisces, creating an atmosphere ripe for idealism. On the plus side, deep connections and increased empathy are possible. But things can also get dark and manipulative with this kind of polarity, so you might have a harder time than usual discerning fact from fiction.

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Reality hits hard in today’s song of the moment, “Tears” by Charli XCX (featuring Caroline Polachek). This moody slow-jam tells the tale of a relationship that has been lingering in the negative aspects of Neptune too long, heading toward an inevitable ending.

Luckily, Jupiter and Mercury form a supportive 72-degree angle, improving communication and boosting business deals and negotiations. As Mercury traverses forward-thinking Aquarius, new ideas and a fresh approach to a professional dilemma could emerge.

On the relationship front, the Jupiter and Mercury quintile could help smooth over any misunderstandings caused by Venus butting heads with Saturn.

Channel this energy thoughtfully and steer clear of underhanded tactics.

Just remember: The truth can be painful, but it can also set you free.

Listen to Tears by Charli XCX now.