Your Weekly Horoscope for January 2-8, 2022: New Year, New You?

December 30, 2021

Expect to plan under the first new moon of the year and experience a Mercurial change of mind. As the week unfolds, there will be plenty to dream of when two mystical planets coax one another to follow their fantastical cosmic whims.

The star of this week’s show arrives on January 5, when Venus retrograde sextiles Neptune in Pisces. The combination of earth and water encourage us to be receptive to the big “what if?”. When lovely retrograding Venus meets up with Neptune, there is sure to be a whirlwind of boundless magic. Venus has been busy reconsidering its Capricornian-infused values of love, partnerships, and money. So, the sextile with Neptune adds a mystical flair as Neptune encourages the regressing planet to remain hopeful even in its mindful state.

However, Neptune can be overly idealistic in Pisces, which may skew the earthy Venus retrograde’s realistic perception. For this reason, it may not be the best transit to commit to new Venusian ventures in love, money, and partnerships. But it is a wonderful transit to daydream about such beautiful things! As you go through this sextile, try to find the balance between the fantastical and the practical.

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New Moon, New Lease on Life

The first new moon of the year is in stoic Capricorn on January 2, encouraging us to be responsible for the foundation we set as we head into the new year with dreams and goals. New moons open a six-month cycle of opportunities, which can be led by the Sea-Goats vision. If you have not set your new year goals yet, then the lunation is the perfect time to do so!

As the new moon reports to Saturn, there is a heavier tone of karma, accountability, and time. The lunar intentions should revolve around a long-term goal or incentive that can be worked towards during this six-month cycle. It could be the perfect lunation to manifest new professional opportunities, the invitation to rise as an authority figure, or even notoriety for your achievements. The business-like Sea-Goat is sure to assist the collective to be successful with new moon manifestations!

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The Mind of a Mad Genius

The cosmic messenger tries to escape Saturn’s grip of Capricorn but somehow ends up under Saturn’s other zodiacal thumb, but this time, tinged with a zippier aura. Starting on January 2, Mercury begins its transit in Aquarius. As Mercury continues reporting to Saturn and now Uranus, there is a heavy sense of duty associated with the future of thinking, speaking, and even writing.

The fixed air sign seemingly stabilizes its train of thought in Mercury but potentially to the point of absolution. Mercury in Aquarius can have zippy, zany insights but also be prone to tunnel-vision depending on how stubbornly one clings to an opinion. When speaking, Mercury in Aquarius can empower us to consider worldly perspectives with a sense of futuristic stoicism.

The cosmic messenger can empower the collective to think for the greater good as Aquarius looks after the overarching communities. It could be easier to reconnect with long-lost friends or distant connections since the cosmic messenger seeks friendlier relationships.

Aside from this, Mercury in Aquarius may become more technologically savvy, leading to a spark in posting on social media! Just be mindful of what you choose to post or respond to as this Mercurial transit can lead to becoming privy to far-fetched ideologies and opinions. Keep in mind (no pun intended) that Mercury in Aquarius will station retrograde next week!

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Major Transits of the Week

1/2 – New Moon in Capricorn and Mercury enters Aquarius

1/5 – Venus retrograde in Capricorn sextiles Neptune in Pisces

weekly horoscope

Your Weekly Horoscope for January 2


Aries, plan under the new moon in Capricorn by setting goals to expand your career through new accomplishments. Mercury in Aquarius can help you think outside-of-box with innovative dreams and seeking out unlikely connections!


If you could go anywhere, where would you go and what would you learn? Consider these questions as a manifestation reference point for the new moon in Capricorn. The lunation is just the beginning of a new journey!


Get serious about your deeply felt connections and assets under the new moon in Capricorn. It may be time to manifest intimacy within your bonds, or even a better structure for your financial investments!


New year, new moon, new possibilities in love? The lunar energy opens up a new chapter of partnerships, romantic and professional – perfect for single and coupled Cancers to take their commitments to the next level!


The practical new moon invites you to consider what you do for work, how you structure your days, and your healthy habits. Is it time to make some necessary but mature changes, Leo?


The new moon in Capricorn is your incentive to prioritize dating, joy, and creativity in 2022. Make the most of the first six months of the year by setting the intention to have happiness in your life!


It could be time to redefine what home and family mean to you under the new moon in Capricorn. Look towards Mercury in Aquarius for a bit of creative, if unpredictable, inspiration!

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Your weekly horoscope for January 2 says it’s time to improve your active listening skills and Mercurial talents under the new moon in Capricorn. Mercury in Aquarius may create some initial tension with how you go about tone, turf, and timing!


Your weekly horoscope for January 2 wants you to get fiscally focused under the new moon in Capricorn. Productive Luna will inspire you to come up and stick to a practical budget.


New year, new you! The new moon is in your sign, giving you a six-month opportunity to update your identity and appearance.


Your weekly horoscope for January 2 wants you to be responsible! The new moon in Capricorn subconsciously influences you to be more practical in your efforts moving forward.


Get connected on and offline with the productive new moon in Capricorn. You may expand upon your friendships and even your dreams during the next six months.