Your Weekly Horoscope for June 27–July 3, 2021: Venus in Sexy Leo Turns Up the Heat!

June 27, 2021

Your weekly horoscope for June 27 is full of mixed signals, but one thing’s for sure—this week won’t be boring!

While Mercury retrograde ended a week ago, we will still be in the foggy post-shadow phase. This will ultimately end on July 7, but will be much more pronounced at this time. The post-shadow phase of any retrograde cycle is usually the easiest to deal with, as we are now starting to move forward with the new information that had emerged during the official backward period. Now we can integrate the new insight we have into our plans going forward and communicate more clearly and effectively. To be safe, it is still advised to wait until after this post-shadow to sign contracts, make agreements, begin official relationships, or make major purchases.

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Venus & Mars in Leo

Beginning on June 27, our goddess planet of love and beauty will join sexy Mars in the kingdom of Leo. With Venus and Mars both in Leo, a summer of love has officially arrived to turn up the heat! This is an especially passionate and expressive period, as all zodiac signs can collectively benefit from the vivacious vibrations. As Leo rules romance and dating and Venus holds ties to relationships, we can embrace the love story of our dreams. This brings a tremendous opportunity for all singles to find a soulmate connection.

However, it is important to take the lead rather than just waiting for it to come to you. In the weeks ahead, set time aside for an exciting courtship or time with friends. Committed couples can share in this frequency, too, as they can bring the spice back into their union. If seeking more time with your children or become pregnant, the fertile energies of Venus will also increase your odds! Lastly, as Leo also holds rulership over creativity, recreation, art, and performance, now would be an auspicious period to devote extra time to each of these areas as you could truly embrace more color in your life.

Despite the overall sweet energy of Venus in Leo, which will fuel us this week, two sharp planetary aspects could still add quite a bit of tension to our lives.

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venus in leo

July Gets Off to an Intense Start

On July 1, intense Mars in Leo will clash with cold Saturn in Aquarius. This is a true war between fire and ice. This will cause great opposition and challenges upon our path. As all Martian aspects can be felt for days before and after, we could feel this sharp conflict dominating our entire week. Mars will be screaming: “go” while Saturn will be saying: “stop.” Anger and disappointment are guaranteed, especially due to others getting in our way. In order to mitigate this especially dark energy, it is best to hold one’s composure and realize that while our life force will feel drained, this, too, shall pass.

On July 3, fiery Mars makes yet another enemy in the sky, clashing in a square with Uranus in Taurus. Dangerous, explosive, and disruptive influences could manifest near this time. Further conflicts could occur, especially for those who are feeling caged and controlled and seeking rebellion. While this urge for freedom will be intense, it is best to lie low and not rock the boat.

Major Transits of the Week

6/27 — Venus enters Leo

7/1 — Mars opposition Saturn

7/3 — Mars in Leo square Uranus in Taurus

Your Weekly Horoscope for June 27


Sweet Venus will enter your solar fifth house of passion this week, Aries. This bodes well for singles looking to find someone who lights their fire!


Prepare for more harmony at home, Taurus. With your ruler, Venus, making herself comfortable in your solar fourth house of domesticity, it’s the perfect time to entertain others from your living space!


As enchanting Venus moves into your solar third house of communication this week, you’ll have all the perfect words to write and say, Gemini.


Get ready for lovely gifts, new possessions, and even possibly more income as Venus moves through your solar second house of prosperity, Cancer.


You will ignite like never before with graceful Venus dancing within your zodiac sign this week, Leo. This is a perfect time to update your wardrobe or get a new hairstyle.


With Venus moving through your solar twelfth house, you could be tempted to enter into a secret love affair or spend more time in solitude with your partner, Virgo.


Your weekly horoscope for June 27 wants you to mmbrace your social spirit, Libra. With Venus bringing invitations and parties to your calendar, you will love her time in your solar eleventh house.


You are in the spotlight, Scorpio. As benevolent Venus strides through your solar tenth house this week, you could be ready for awards, compliments, and applause.


As Venus moves through your solar ninth house of expansion, you could be ready for long-distance travel with your partner, Sagittarius.


When Venus moves through your solar eighth house of intimacy this week, Capricorn, you’ll be feeling the urge to merge.


With Venus dancing perfectly across the sky from you this week, you’ll be feeling a special rapport with your one-and-only, Aquarius.


Your coworkers and employment will be especially peaceful and lively this week, as Venus graces your solar sixth house, Pisces.