Your Weekly Horoscope for January 9-15, 2022: Mercury Retrograde Begins!

January 8, 2022

There will be three major transits throughout the week. Considering Neptune is involved in two of the three, it may feel like we are trying to peer through fogged glass. But that is not all! There will also be a first-quarter moon AND Mercury stations retrograde.

Starting on Sunday, January 9, the sun conjuncts Venus retrograde in Capricorn. As Venus retrograde continues revising its Capricornian ideals in love, romance, art, money, and beauty, the sun’s energy amplifies such revisions. Although Venus retrograde is a little unsure of where it stands, the solar power can boost this regressing planet’s confidence.

The sun’s energy revitalizes Venus retrograde, giving it a better sense of purpose. So, the conjunction could clear up what matters in love and life. The sun’s impressive yet stoic energy reinforces what matters most to Venus retrograde. As a result, we may walk away from Sunday’s conjunction taking better responsibility for our parts to play in Venus retrograde.

Then on Tuesday, January 11, Neptune in Pisces will sextile the sun in Capricorn and square Mars in Sagittarius. The stoic sun can give Neptune a solid ground to stand on while mystical Neptune can give the sun something to hope or wish for. The sextile is a beautiful energy to structure hopes, wishes, and dreams accordingly. Although the sextile has a harmonious aura, fantastical Neptune does square Mars, creating idealistic mutable madness. Neptune clouds the path, so Mars is thwarted in its advances. Now is the time to consider everything without taking possibly misdirected action.

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Quarterly Check-In with Luna

Also on Sunday, January 9, there will also be the first quarter moon in Aries. First quarter moons are an exciting lunation as it encourages taking action! Now is the time to step up to own an individualistic course of action. As the first quarter moon is in bright and fiery Aries, the lunar energy is bold. It could be the perfect lunation to rise, to meet our new and improved individual efforts in the new year. Since the first quarter moon in Aries is like a blazing kickstarter, it may be the perfect cosmic incentive to take action with your NYE goals and manifestations.

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Mercury Retrograde Begins

Dun-dun-dun! Mercury in Aquarius stations retrograde on Friday, January 14. Retrogrades are all about rethinking, reviewing, then revising. Generally speaking, Mercury retrograde is the time to reconsider communication, travel, and even technology. Usually, Mercury retrograde comes with miscommunication, gray areas, undefinable terms of agreements, and travel mishaps. So, it is imperative to triple-check correspondences and plans. It may also be wise to hold off from starting any new ventures if possible!

As this begins in Aquarius, it will color the Mercury retrograde with the desire to redefine innovation and ingenuity. Mercury retrograde may heavily reconsider our unique mindset, especially how we think and view our worlds. Aside from this, the 11th House themes of the greater community, friendships, dreams, and technology come into play. There will be some technical mishaps affecting the greater community, like social media platforms shutting down or a widely broadcasted mistake. It may not be an ideal time to launch any online plans, such as a business or investing in cryptocurrency. Mercury retrograde could put a pause on friendships and dreams, reflecting on whether or not these aspects meet our standards. 

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Major Transits of the Week

1/9 – First Quarter Moon in Aries

1/9 – Sun conjunct Venus retrograde in Capricorn

1/10 – Sun in Capricorn sextile Neptune in Pisces

1/10 – Mars in Sagittarius square Neptune in Pisces

1/14 – Mercury stations retrograde in Aquarius

weekly-horoscope mercury retrograde

Your Weekly Horoscope for January 9


Think it through! Mercury retrograde hits your sector of friendships, dreams, and tech. You may have to reconsider who you befriend on and offline as well as figure out what dreams are worth pursuing.


Mercury retrograde has begun, hitting your sector of career, achievements, and public image. It is time to check in, especially if you want to revamp your status or what you want to be known for!


Where do you go from here? Mercury retrograde is now officially affecting your sector of higher education, travel, and ideologies. You could be second-guessing your educational commitments, or what you believe in. If you are traveling, be sure to triple-check your details!


Time to reconsider your means of money, intimacy, and vulnerability now that Mercury retrograde has begun. As the retrograde unfolds, you will reconsider your emotionally and financially significant commitments.


Pause for the cause in your romantic and professional relationships now that Mercury retrograde has begun. It may not be the time to jump into any new partnerships!


As Mercury stations retrograde, your everyday life is affected as this is occurring in your sector of work, routine, and health. You may be inspired to go on a health kick, or even have a better professional routine that accounts for mishaps!

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Mercury retrograde has begun, hitting your sector of joy, creativity, dating, and pleasure. It may be time to explore your hobbies once again and to reconsider your romantic prospects.


It may be more stressful than usual at home and with family as Mercury retrograde affects your domesticated sector. Try to keep a level head when there are disagreements about dreams, relationships, or ideologies.


Mercury retrograde has begun, implying miscommunication and minor travel mishaps! Try your best to be communicative and account for the details of even minor trips.


Money troubles may be underway now that Mercury has stationed retrograde in your sector of finances! Try to budget accordingly and save for unexpected expenses.


You are in the spotlight with Mercury stationing retrograde in your sign. You may be a little unsure of yourself, but consider this a checkpoint for your growth.


Time to revamp your subconscious perspective now that Mercury retrograde is in effect. Use this time to reconsider how you view your unique talents and outlook.