What Is a Blue Moon and When Is the Next One?

August 16, 2023

The next blue moon occurs on Wednesday, August 30, 2023, at 6:36 p.m. Pacific Time/9:36 p.m. Eastern Time.

Once in a Blue Moon

You have most likely heard the term “once in a blue moon.” So where does this come from and what does it mean? As a term that began being used in the 19th century, it is often utilized by many when referring to something that occurs with rarity or only from time to time.

So, how rare are blue moons, and how often do blue moons occur? The short answer is that blue moons are pretty rare. But the long answer is more complicated than that. According to The Farmer’s Almanac, there are two types of blue moons, and below we break down how often they happen and when is the next blue moon! 

The Two Types of Blue Moon

There are two definitions of a blue moon: a calendar blue moon and a seasonal blue moon.

A calendar blue moon occurs when there are two full moons in a calendar month, so the first one normally happens at the very beginning of the month and the second one occurs at the very end of the month. This is exactly the case in 2023, the first full moon of the month occurred on Tuesday, August 1, which was the full moon in Aquarius. Then on August 30, 2023, we welcome the blue moon in Pisces. A calendar blue moon occurs every two to three years.

Since each month normally has one full moon and there are four seasons on Earth, there are three full moons each Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. However, sometimes, there are four full moons instead of three, which in this case, the third full moon out of four in that season is called a blue moon.

When Is the Next Blue Moon?

If you’re wondering when is the next blue moon—whether a calendar blue moon or a seasonal blue moon, below is a list to add to your calendar!

Calendar Blue Moons

  • August 31, 2023
  • May 31, 2026
  • December 31, 2028
  • September 30, 2031
  • July 31, 2034
  • January 31, 2037
  • March 31, 2037
  • October 31, 2039
  • August 31, 2042
  • May 30, 2045
  • January 31, 2048
  • September 30, 2050
  • July 30, 2053
  • March 31, 2056
  • October 31, 2058

Seasonal Blue Moons

  • August 19, 2024
  • May 20, 2027
  • August 24, 2029
  • August 21, 2032
  • May 22, 2035

What Is the Meaning of the August 30 Blue Moon?

Astrologically speaking, the August 30 blue moon will make us all feel very sensitive. Rising in the skies of water sign Pisces, it will bring the need to escape reality and submerge ourselves in a world of fantasy. Nostalgia from past events also arrives now so we can either process them but also see them from a completely new perspective.

However, because this blue moon in Pisces also connects with Saturn—the ringed planet of responsibility—we could be reaping the rewards for our past efforts. The profound and psychic waters of this blue moon allow us to see into the future, giving us clear guidance into the steps we must take now to materialize ideas into reality. Around the blue moon, pay attention to your dreams, as they hold key information about the learnings you are currently experiencing.

Since Pisces always brings the archetype of the mystic, this blue moon is a golden opportunity to begin a spiritual practice like meditation, ritual, or even dreamwork. By doing this, we are giving our inner world the attention it deserves, which automatically makes our outer world more magical!

What can each zodiac sign expect at the August 30 Blue Moon?

Major endings and culminations as well as powerful manifestations can occur for all zodiac signs under the August 30 blue moon. Below is the area of life where you can expect to feel this energy. Read your rising sign as well as your sun sign.

Aries: spirituality, healing, secrets, the subconscious mind.

Taurus: community, friendships, networking, hopes & dreams.

Gemini: career, reputation, visibility, life purpose.

Cancer: travel, learning, spirituality, life philosophy.

Leo: healing sex, intimacy, transformation, other people’s money.

Virgo: relationships, marriage, contracts, business partners.

Libra: work, wellness, pets, life processes.

Scorpio: children, fun, play, creativity.

Sagittarius: home, family, roots, foundations.

Capricorn: speech, communication, siblings, transportation.

Aquarius: money, resources, budget, personal values.

Pisces: identity, self-image, the body, approach to life.