What Is a Spirit Guide? Spirit Guide Meaning & More

August 12, 2021

Spirit guides are entities that give us spiritual guidance. Whether you’re looking to meet your spirit guide or find spirit guide mediation, we have it all.

We all know the importance of having a strong community to get by in life. Whether you rely on family, friends, partners, or teachers, our relationships with others can help us live better, more complete lives. But the connections that empower us aren’t just limited to the mortal realm; there is a powerful network of high-powered energies, called “spirit guides,” that we can tap into for support. 

What Is a Spirit Guide?

Spirit guides can take many forms, but essentially, they are energetic beings who use their otherworldly wisdom to help us here on Earth. If you’ve ever experienced a coincidence too eerie to explain, been struck by an intense sense of intuition, or had a dream that illuminated a problem you’ve been facing, you might have connected with a spirit guide at work. No matter what, your spirit guides are there to protect you, love you, and help you through life. 

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Types of Spirit Guides

There’s no “one size fits all” when it comes to spirit guides. While there may be varying interpretations of spirit guides out there, most of them fit into several overarching categories.  


There are three main types of angel spirit guides: archangels, guardian angels, and helpful angels.

Archangels are the heavy hitters of the spiritual world. Some of their names might be even familiar (Michael, Rafael, and Gabriel are some of the most recognizable archangels). Archangels are energetic powerhouses and often come to the rescue when the most serious problems arise. 

Your guardian angel is exclusively devoted to you. Think of them as your spiritual sidekick! Your guardian angel has been with you since birth and will be connected with you throughout your life. 

A helpful angel is any entity in the angelic hierarchy. They may simply step in when some extra support is needed or to deliver a specific message. 

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Spirit Animals

Spirit animals are ascended beings that were part of the animal kingdom. These can be pets you’ve loved and lost or simply a helpful creature that visits to show you a new path forward. Spirit animals continue to embody the characteristics of their species, so understanding how to apply those qualities to a situation you’re facing can help you learn to adapt. 


A strong connection to our ancestors is a powerful tool in any spiritual practice—especially when that connection results in an ancestral spirit guide. Because they are intimately connected to your past, these departed loved ones (which can be close relatives, or ones you’ve never met) are especially helpful in helping you cultivate a better relationship with yourself and those around you. 

Ascended Masters

In most religious traditions, there are those who have become enlightened and pass on to the spirit realm with unprecedented wisdom and power. Because they once grappled with many of the same issues you may be facing now, they can help you if you’re at a crossroads or struggling with a moral dilemma. 

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How to Talk Your Spirit Guide

Spirit guides may not always speak the same language, but they have a lot to say if you know how to listen! Reaching out to your spirit guide can take many forms—from journaling to prayers to mantra repetition. These communication tools can help you clarify your questions and manifest answers from your guides. 

For ancestral spirit guides, set up an altar with candles, offerings, or personal items of the deceased. This can help open the lines of communication.

When it comes to receiving help from your spirit guides, it often comes down to a matter of paying attention. Look for signs around you, including repeating numbers (sometimes called “angel numbers”) or “coincidences” placed in your path. Spirit guides often offer support and information in dreams, so a dream journal may help you make sense of these spiritual downloads. If you have a tarot practice, some time with the deck can also offer a chance for a guide’s message to get through. 

Spirit Guide Meditation 

If you’re having trouble decoding messages or connecting with your spirit guide, take time to meditate and open up the channels of communication. 

When meditating, always start by sitting in a quiet place free of distractions, in a comfortable position. If you know which guide you’re calling in, repeat their name while taking deep, cleansing breaths. Pay attention to the sensations around you… Does the temperature seem to change? Do you sense or see a color surrounding you? 

As you meditate, focus on specific questions you have for your spirit guide. You can be specific or vague (for example, wondering whether you should take a new job opportunity, or just wondering what direction in life would bring you satisfaction), but try to be as focused on one idea as possible to make it easier to interpret the guidance you receive. 

When you’re finished, take some time to journal and record your experiences, thoughts, and feelings. This can help you make sense of anything that seems confusing now–after all, your spirit guides can grant you deep wisdom. Use it to help pave your way to a better future.