Will Venus Retrograde in Scorpio Make Your Sign Go Nuts?

October 5, 2018


Pre-shadow: September 3, 2018

Retrograde: October 5, 2018, at 10°50′ Scorpio

Direct: November 16, 2018, at 25°14′ Libra

Post-shadow exit: November 16, 2018

Based on Pacific Standard (PST)


In 2018, Venus will retrograde in both Scorpio and Libra, with the majority of the retrograde spent in Scorpio. A serious review concerning matters of love, values, and intimacy will be activated across the houses of the natal chart ruled by Scorpio and Libra.

Interestingly, this further means that Venus will travel between one of its traditional signs of weakness (Scorpio) to one of its home signs (Libra) and back again. The Venus retrograde is likely to be most intense for Scorpio and Libra and most helpful for Cancer and Pisces.
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When in Scorpio, Venus’ normally connective, pleasurable ways take on a dark edge, which may manifest as jealousy, envy, and hotter-than-hot relationships that turn colder-than-ice at the first threat of desertion. Devouring and penetrative, Venus in Scorpio is not satiated until she possesses her lover lock, stock, and barrel; issues of containment in relationships may be especially potent points of discussion.

Once Venus retrogrades back into Libra, the mood will lighten considerably, but then again, so may our attention spans; Venus in Libra is light-hearted, affable, and at its happiest when it has managed to strike the perfect balance between pleasure, pleasantries, and people-pleasing. Relationships may become relatively easy-come, easy-go, as long as they look good on the outside and don’t ruffle any of Venus in Libra’s fine-combed feathers – which may be just the antidote required after the rough and tumble of Venus retrograde in Scorpio.

Two key aspects made during the Venus retrograde in Scorpio and Libra will heighten the effects of this journey. A series of oppositions between Venus and Uranus might serve up shocks galore, creating breaks in romance and relationships; alternatively, we may be suddenly awakened to exciting new creative and sexual possibilities. Venus squaring the moon’s nodes is likely to create ‘tipping point’ or fork in the road moments in love and lust, as we weigh up where we’re headed in matters of love, and perhaps most importantly, with whom.

Venus squares Uranus September 12, October 31, and November 30, 2018; Venus squares the North & South Node September 16, October 30, and November 28, 2018.


Aries (and Aries rising)
Aries will be thanking its lucky stars this autumn for all the bravery and power already pre-built into their sign. You’ll need this and more during this Venus retrograde, as you’ll be pulled into studying the power dynamics that underpin your romantic and business relationships. This may include the why’s and how’s of divvying up cold hard cash, but it may just as likely involve taking a cold, hard look at how much you’ve been receiving in return for the gift of your time and energy.
As Venus continues to retrograde into Libra, don’t give up the chase: now is the time to assess any divergent values that threaten your most important partnerships and renegotiate accordingly.

Taurus (and Taurus rising)
Taurus is already in an accelerated state of learning about the balance between self and other; the Venus retrograde is going to push this learning to yet another level. Most of the Venus retrograde will have you pondering who you’re linked with romantically. Take time to study your most intimate connections, before the retrograde takes you elsewhere: namely, to the office.
As Venus continues to retrograde in Libra, it may be time to reconsider how you interact with colleagues and workplace reports, as well as revisiting your daily health routine (or lack thereof).

Gemini (and Gemini rising)
If you’ve been wondering how to find the middle ground between work and play, this Venus retrograde will feel particularly timely. Starting off in a part of your chart that involves work, service, and health, you may feel pushed to reevaluate what really matters to you in these areas; you may refine why you do what you do at work, or refine the amount of time and energy you give to it (even so you have the time to dedicate to your health).
As the retrograde progresses, it will be necessary, and fun, to reconnect with your creativity and remember the importance pleasure plays in the health of mind, body, and spirit.

Cancer (and Cancer rising)
With the Venus retrograde occurring in the super-sexy part of your chart dedicated to, well, sex, it’s likely you’ll have a lot on your plate (or in your bed) during this Venus retrograde. You may reconnect with old flames or strike up with hot new ones – just know that some of these characters may not be around once Venus stations direct; apportion your time and energy accordingly (and play safe). Other areas of focus may include the powerful value of your creative pursuits, children, and pleasure in general.
Once Venus retrogrades into Libra, your focus will be taken to the home front, where you can revisit plans to beautify your space, just remember to plan now and buy post-retrograde.

Leo (and Leo rising)
Leo has been getting it from every corner, what with the eclipses occurring across your sign over the past eighteen months, and this summer’s Mars retrograde happening predominantly in the sign across from yours. Further growth at home and changes in your career may have upped the ante past the point of containment, but fear not: the Venus retrograde will likely only augment the value you’re currently placing on cementing a strong home base to help weather these storms. You may also revisit the value of family time if you’ve been overdoing it at the office (or just ignoring your mom’s calls).
As the Venus retrograde continues, siblings and extended family may become a topic of reevaluation, alongside how you can best manage to communicate your values, whether written or spoken.

Virgo (and Virgo rising)
Oh, to be a Virgo: always prepared and on time, with your manicured hand raised with the answer to the pop question. Your famous talent for self-containment, which allows you to be so well-prepared, has only one unfortunate side effect: it often takes you out of the mix as you attend to your burgeoning to-do list. Now, however, is the moment to get back into your community and remember the value of your environs. That might mean heading to your local block party, or penciling in time with your neighbors, aunties, and siblings. Equally important could be recognizing the efforts you put into communications and the daily rituals you use to settle your mind.
As the Venus retrograde continues, your exacting nature will come in handy for taking a red pen to your household budgets (and even, a pair of scissors to your credit cards).

Libra (and Libra rising)
Eventually, the Venus retrograde will return to your sign, but first, she’ll have to make a visit to the part of your chart involving incoming cash to sort out how much you’re getting, and most importantly, how much you think you’re worth. Now’s the time to get serious about reviewing the price you attach to your talents and skills; if applicable, you may even start building a case for a raise – which would be best done post-Venus retrograde.
As Venus retrogrades into Libra, this study of value will extend to your good self (you’re really quite good, don’t you think?).

Scorpio (and Scorpio rising)
All the expansion you’ve been experiencing for the past year is coming up for review: this is nowhere near the end of your journey, dear Scorpio, but it is the right moment to take stock of how much you’ve grown recently. Could it be useful to use the Venus retrograde, occurring partially in your sign, to remind yourself of your own innate, inalienable value?
Once you’re done with that exercise, you’ll be challenged to study the other side of the lens and take into consideration all the many ways you may still be inadvertently tripping yourself up. As part of this process, don’t be afraid to carve out ‘me’ time as required to make the best use of this Venus retrograde.

Sagittarius (and Sagittarius rising)
Normally chirpy, on-the-move Sagittarians may find themselves pulled into a mindset of retreat come the Venus retrograde. Perhaps you’ve been burning the candle at both ends, in typical Centaur fashion, or maybe you need some time out to focus on untangling some deep-seated issues. Either way, you’re likely to come out of this period feeling renewed and refreshed, with a new sense of respect for downtime.
As the Venus retrograde continues, try and apply that energy to your friendship groups and associations, taking note of which ones fill up your cup and which ones suck you dry. Bonus points if you realize a friend may be something much more.

Capricorn (and Capricorn rising)
The more things change, the more they stay the same; the typical Capricorn instinctively prefers what’s routine or expected, even when the changes in question are for their own good. You’ve had lots of change of late, with Saturn, Pluto and part of this summer’s Mars retrograde whittling away at your steely reserves. The release valve for a lot of these pressures may have pushed you to cultivate or deepen friendships and group alliances; alongside that, you may have started to envision a wide, new horizon of possibilities for yourself. Now is the time to get down to brass tacks and assess which friends – and even, which dreams – are worth your time.
As the retrograde continues, apply that same filter to your career, taking note of how the most viable of your new aspirations may affect your long-term career moves.

Aquarius (and Aquarius rising)
What we do in our career isn’t nearly important as whether it dovetails with our personal beliefs. Achieving fulfillment at work is derived from having an in-built sense of purpose that supersedes any menial day-to-day tasks. As an Aquarian, it’s likely your worldview already evokes a broad-minded, collective vision; the Venus retrograde will seek to remind you of this and gently nudge you towards finding ways to fold this mentality into your career long-term.
If you’ve been experiencing tensions at the workplace – likely, with the eclipses happening affecting that space over the last eighteen months – Venus’ retrograde into Libra may reconnect you with the healing power of spiritual pursuits and long-distance travel. The bottom line: don’t forget your day job, Aquarius, but if you can manage it, don’t forget your daydream, either.

Pisces (and Pisces rising)
This Venus retrograde brings with it wisdom that perhaps only Pisces can readily accept, let alone integrate. As a sign of profound feeling and compassion, you’re no stranger to pain; one naturally begets the other. During the Venus retrograde, you’ll be reminded that pain has a distinct value in our journey: often, it sets us on our path, and later keeps us on it if we try to stray. And for many on the spiritual path, pain is the ultimate teacher.
In a sense, there is an invitation from the Venus retrograde to see your pain through eyes of love. On a more mundane level, there could be a necessity to look at the value of spiritual or academic pursuits and how they do or do not help us overcome our deepest fears; others may find themselves wondering if power dynamics experienced with teachers and guides are worth the time and energy.