The August Full Moon Might Make You Lose Your Sh*t

July 21, 2018

At 4:56am PST on Sunday, August 26, the full moon will be in Pisces.

This moon is also known as the Sturgeon Moon, the Green Corn Moon, the Blueberry Moon, and the Moon When All Things Will Ripen.

So… what will ripen for you? 


What Does the August Full Moon in Pisces Mean?


The August 2018 full moon in Pisces is a time when the distinction between fantasy and reality begins to fade. The spiritual and the material … they may seem like polar opposites, but the lines separating one from the other are often blurrier than we think. It’s a disorienting idea that can make us feel out of our depth—but these are just the kind of waters that Pisces loves to go swimming in!

Full moons often reveal that things aren’t what they seem. And with this one happening in the mutable water sign, we may see reality shapeshifting before our eyes. To navigate the ebb and flow of this energy, we’ll have to surrender our need for certainty and learn to ride the wave.

For inspiration, just look at this sign’s symbol: two fish, tied together but swimming in opposite directions. One represents the spiritual side of our human nature, the other the material side. The full moon in Pisces reminds us that life flows best when we find a way to integrate the two and get them swimming together.

Admittedly, the spiritual side of life comes a lot more easily to Pisces. The full moon in this mystical sign gives us a heightened awareness of our connection to each other—and to the divine. This energy of unconditional love and acceptance can inspire selfless acts of compassion and visionary creative expressions.

What are your dreams trying to tell you?

But like any sign, Pisces has its challenges. Boundary issues and self-martyring behavior can come up at this full moon, as well as a tendency to check out and avoid dealing with reality. We may get overwhelmed by emotions and turn to substances or other ways of numbing ourselves—probably not the healthiest approach.

Fortunately, the Virgo sun brings some clarity to the situation. Its opposition to this August full moon reminds us how important it is to keep our feet on the ground and tend to the practical details of life. Health, hygiene, housework—these may seem like trivial concerns, but at this full moon they’re crucial ways of creating sacred space and honoring our bodies as the temples they truly are. 

Still, at this full moon, we’re going to need some down time—so don’t be afraid to get lost in your own little world for a while. Meditate, daydream, take a nap, listen to music, watch a film, or create your own work of art!


Horoscopes for the August 2018 Full Moon 



Our relationships play a major role in shaping who we are. But for a natural-born empath like you, Pisces, it can be just as easy to lose your identity as a relationship as it is to find it. This August 2018 full moon in Pisces asks whose standards you’re really trying to live up to—yours or theirs. If it doesn’t align with who you want to be, it’s time to let it go.



Just when you think you’ve finally broken away from the pack, Aries, your compassion for the underdog pulls you back in. It seems no good deed goes unpunished—but as much as you may feel burdened by the responsibility, the fact is that serving others serves you, too. This August 2018 full moon in Pisces is a time to put selfish desires on the back burner and focus on someone else’s needs for a change.



No one appreciates the value of leisure time more than you do, Taurus. So it’s only natural that you’re a little picky about how—and with whom—you choose to spend it. Still, if you’re feeling uninspired by the same-old-same-old, it may be time to try something new. Intriguing invitations can come your way at this August 2018 full moon in Pisces… if they do, just say yes!



It’s not just a career to you, Gemini—it’s a labor of love. But characterizing your work in such idealized terms can trivialize all the careful planning and hard work that actually go into it. It may not be your favorite part of the job, but this August 2018 full moon in Pisces says you’ll have to stay on top of the admin stuff if you want to keep the dream alive.



It’s back-to-school season again, Cancer, and this time of year can make us all a little nostalgic. But learning doesn’t have to be a thing of the past. Chances are, an intriguing new subject is calling your name—so what’s stopping you from diving in? This August 2018 full moon in Pisces is the perfect time to release your fears and abandon yourself to the joy of discovery.   



You’ve got your finances on lock, Leo. But while your meticulous money management earns you major “adulting” points, it could also be blocking you from welcoming greater abundance into your life. At this August 2018 full moon in Pisces, consider the idea that it’s OK not to have everything figured out… and ask yourself how it might feel to trust more in the flow of life.



There’s nothing wrong with having high standards, Virgo—but in this case, it’s possible that what you’re expecting isn’t 100% realistic. After all, if you’re not perfect, how can you expect someone else to be? This August 2018 full moon in Pisces asks you to take an honest look at your expectations, and adjust them accordingly. Can you find it in your heart to forgive their flaws… and your own?



We know you’re a devotee of beauty, Libra. But real beauty is about so much more than just aesthetics. It’s a harmony of body, mind, and spirit that can only come from within… and it’s a lot harder than it looks. This August 2018 full moon in Pisces asks you to let go of glamorous illusions and do the unglamorous work of cultivating your own true, inner beauty.



Other signs may shy away from deeper waters, Scorpio, but not you. After all, you know that’s where the treasure is found! Go ahead and take the plunge at this August 2018 full moon in Pisces — your deep dive is sure to reward you with some new creative inspiration. Just open your heart and let it flow… you’ll be channeling the muse in no time.



Being a spiritual person is about more than just meditating, Sagittarius. And deep down, you know that all that talk of “universal consciousness” and “unconditional love” means very little if you’re not walking the walk. This August 2018 full moon in Pisces challenges you to balance contemplation with concrete acts of service—it may be time to come down from the mountaintop and get to work!



In the current political climate, it’s easy to focus on what divides us, Capricorn. But a pragmatist like you understands that looking for common ground makes a lot more sense. After all, we’ve got some real problems to deal with—and many of the “differences” we get hung up on are just illusions. This August 2018 full moon in Pisces is a great time for you to step across the aisle and make a deeper, truer connection.



Tuning in to higher frequencies is second nature to you, Aquarius, so you should be well equipped to handle this August 2018 full moon in Pisces. But not everyone you meet will be comfortable with its out-there energy, so they may need a little guidance. Consider it an opportunity to share your unusual gifts—astrology, tarot, energy work, alternative medicine, or anything else you’ve got in your esoteric tool kit!