Your End of Eclipse Season Soundtrack

August 6, 2018

This week’s playlist is your eclipse soundtrack: emotional, tense, and – at times – downright strange. Solar eclipses intensify the energy of the new moon, so don’t hesitate to reboot and start over this week.

The final partial eclipse of the year occurs this week on August 11, ending the cycle that began last August. Think back to the Great American eclipse of 2017 and consider what aspects of life shifted around then. Tie up the loose ends, be thankful for the lessons you learned, and clear the way for new intentions.

Need help setting new intentions? Use this tarot reading as your guide. 

Venus also takes the lead this week as she moves into Libra, trining Mars on the August 7 and squaring off against Saturn on August 9. With Venus in Libra, relationships can truly flourish, and unbalanced dynamics are easier to shift towards equilibrium.

Tune into the Transits: 8/6-8/12

“Way to be Loved” by Tops

“Use Me” by Grace Jones

“Street Fighter Mas” by Kamasi Washington

“Play the Goddamned Part” by Nine Inch Nails