1. In British mythology, a symbol of fertility, fecundity, and sexual pleasure. The ancient British fertility goddess Oestre, from whose name we get our word Easter, had a pet hare that laid its egg every Spring Equinox so that life would spread throughout the world. Dreaming of a rabbit, therefore, especially one that is affectionate and at ease with you, can be a sign of love and domestic happiness ahead.
  2. Dreaming of many rabbits is a sign of new responsibilities - but not unwelcome ones. A new and wonderful opportunity will come your way - but you'll enjoy the work required to accomplish it instead of viewing it as a chore.
  3. In Native American mythology, Rabbit is a symbol of needless fear. Therefore, dreaming of a rabbit that is afraid of you means that something in your life is troubling you now - and that your fears are groundless.


  1. If the rain is a gentle one, and especially if rainbows are present, this is a positive symbol, foreshadowing the coming of a peaceful interlude and much happiness.
  2. If the rain is heavy, this indicates a change in the dreamer's financial fortunes. Depending on his circumstances, it could be a windfall or a major setback.
  3. A major thunderstorm with thunder and lightning indicates a sudden and unexpected increase in wealth, possibly through a legacy.

Astrological Parallels: Venus

Tarot Parallels: The Wheel of Fortune


Always a positive symbol. No matter what the rest of the dream implies, if the dream ends with a rainbow, particularly if you find the pot of gold, the dream is a portent of the end of all your troubles followed by much happiness.


  1. Dreaming of a black or brown rat is a sign of illness or treachery ahead. In European tradition, rats are associated with theft of foodstuffs and the spread of disease, and therefore seeing brown or black rats running free is a warning to see your doctor and to be careful whom you trust.
  2. Seeing brown or black rats in cages, however, is a sign that small irritations in your life will be dealt with. Catching a rat in a trap indicates freedom from worry and a release of tension.
  3. White rats, on the other hand, are a sign of protection from beneficent forces or entities around you.


  1. A dream of reading a book augurs the collection of knowledge and the resulting progress in whatever department of life the dreamer is concentrating on now.
  2. Dreaming of getting a psychic reading indicates an important message. It's important to write these dreams down, as the first thing dreamers usually forget are what's said in the dream.


Good news. Passion. Anger. A warning to control your temper.

Astrological Parallels: Aries

Religious Icon

  1. If the icon featured a portrait of a saint or other religious figure, find out what tradition is associated with that person. For example, if the saint was St. Christopher, then you may be on your way to taking a long journey. If the saint was St. Jude, something wonderful and totally unexpected will happen. If the portrait was of the Virgin Mary, someone will intercede for you in a disagreement and put it to an end.
  2. Icons in general seem to bring a message that coming changes in your life, however stressful they may be, are beneficial and can be dealt with fairly easily.

Robber, Robbery (see Stealing)

  1. If the dreamer is concerned about safety, security, and financial affairs, this dream could reflect those fears. Whether the fear - that someone in some way is going to rip you off - is real or not depends on the circumstances and other symbols in the dream.
  2. If the dreamer is looking for love, this could represent a warning: The dreamer could meet and fall for someone fascinating, but who has an agenda of his or her own and could end up breaking the dreamer's heart.

Running (away from something)

Something in the dreamer's life is difficult to face, and the dreamer would rather run away from it than face it. If such a situation is not readily recognized by the dreamer, looking to the other symbols in the dream should give the answer.

Astrological Parallels: Pisces