dragon Monthly Chinese Horoscopes for May 2021

Month of May 2021 This Month

Your I Ching hexagram for the month of May is mountain under heaven (33). It's said that the Dragon can be as large as a mountain range or shrink to the size of the silkworm. In the month of May, it's a good idea to pull your power inward, to be still and small. This is a time for sleep, recuperation, reflection, and rejuvenation. If possible, stay out of other people's disagreements and allow them to make their own choices.

The new moon is on May 11, and Dragon native, your supervisor may give you several options at this time. There could be a schedule change for you, decisions about where you are working, or the next project to focus on. There could be an opportunity to do training on some new software or procedures. All this has you quite busy for the next few weeks.

May 26 brings the lunar eclipse, and a child or younger relative comes to you for advice and potentially a handout. You may wish that they had come to you sooner. It would be good to push those feelings aside while you deal with the problem at hand. Of course, you'll offer solutions. And hopefully, he or she will listen.