dragon Monthly Chinese Horoscopes for October 2021

Month of October 2021 This Month

Dragon native, the month of October brings you a lot of activity around transportation. You could be buying a new vehicle such as a small car or motorcycle. Or you might look for a home on wheels with a new RV.

The Yang earth Dog month begins on October 8. Over the next four weeks, you're quite popular among friends and relatives. You may have nieces and nephews with birthdays or needing some help with school work. Stay aware of what others need from you. The high-flying Dragon may not hear the barking dog far below on earth.

On October 6, it is the new moon, and a career opportunity presents itself. Your current company could be opening up new offices or expanding management positions. You also might find one of your competitors is quite interested in expanding their personnel. Dragon, you could get an interview and even an offer.

The full moon is on October 20. It would be beneficial to be more efficient in getting things done during the day so that you can have a larger block of uninterrupted leisure time. Dragon, you might look at ways to get through chores more quickly or to see what tasks you can delegate.