rat Monthly Chinese Horoscopes for May 2021

Month of May 2021 This Month

The month of May begins with the hexagram of thunder over thunder (51). May brings an unexpected opportunity like a flash of lightning in the sky. Rat native, there is the tingling excitement of something new unfolding in front of you. You may need to make a quick phone call or dash off an email. There may be a rush to sign an agreement (though it's a good idea to read it first). Suddenly, a new door will open and you may feel compelled to run through it.

The new moon is on May 11 and, Rat native, this is an excellent time to focus on business and finances. And let's face it, this is your wheelhouse. You have an opportunity for a small windfall, and this extra money in your pocket comes at exactly the right time.

There is a lunar eclipse on May 26. You may be working on a legal matter or something for a government agency. This could mean paperwork (confusing, overwhelming paperwork), and this can bring some frustration. It's good to eliminate distractions now and put your attention on the task at hand. If you chip away at this task, doing little bits here and there, you'll have no problem getting it completed on time.