rat Monthly Chinese Horoscopes for July 2021

Month of July 2021 This Month

The month of July begins with the I Ching hexagram of fire over lake (38). It's important to recognize when you are working at cross purposes. This can create indecision and stress overall. The most common term for it is "self-sabotage." This could be so subtle. It's like wanting to work on your side business, but every time you sit down to do it, you end up scrolling through your feed. There is no direct obstacle. Your own hesitation is what's in the way.

The new moon is on July 9, and Rat native, there is a focus on your dwelling. You may be looking for something you've misplaced. This leads to cleaning up, decluttering, and simplifying your home. You might be cleaning out the garage or going through the basement. This is a great time to get things out of a storage unit and cancel that extra expense.

July 23 brings the full moon, and you have the opportunity to join a club or organization that is highly beneficial to you. This could be a charity-based community or a professional organization that can help your career. You can meet some very fine people and expand your circle of friends.