Rat Monthly Chinese Horoscopes

Month of December 2023

The month of December brings Rat natives the I Ching hexagram of wind over lake (61).

Rat, sometimes it’s important to yield to be in the more powerful position. Now you have the opportunity to use an opponent’s energy the way a master martial artist would. Let others take the lead and you can follow behind in the slipstream. Look for the easier path, the one well traveled.

There is a new moon on December 12. Rat, you might be working on some legal matters now. You have a lot of luck when it comes to contracts and agreements. This might be for employment, a large purchase, or to rent an apartment. This is a good time to complete paperwork for a government ID or permit. You have a lot of luck right now when it comes to anything dealing with red tape.

On December 26, there is a full moon. Rat, home is where your heart is. You might have family and friends visiting, and you’re all coming together at the right time. This is a time of sharing and caring, and you could feel quite loved by these people in your life right now. This is a time to open your arms to receive.

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