rat Monthly Chinese Horoscopes for October 2021

Month of October 2021 This Month

Rat native, the month of October brings a focus on relationships of all kinds. You have opportunities to meet new people and establish new connections, especially for a new love relationship.

The Yang earth Dog month begins on October 8. Over the next four weeks, you have opportunities for cooperation with people who may have been difficult in the past. It's good to stay watchful during this time. A rat and a dog might share some scraps until the meal is done. Then, the chase is on.

On October 6, it is the new moon, and some changes in your money situation are happening. You could receive a sum of money from an unexpected source. More importantly, this shows you that revenue can flow in from many different avenues. Rat, now it's time to explore potential passive income sources.

The full moon is on October 20, and the spotlight is on you. People are noticing that you are more confident and seem to be filled with energy. You are attracting new friends and a possible love relationship. Rat, if you're looking for love, this is an excellent time to put your profile on a dating site or let your friends fix you up on a blind date.