Rat Monthly Chinese Horoscopes

Month of May 2024

The month of May brings Rat natives the I Ching hexagram of wind over thunder (42).

Now is the time to focus on expansion. What you’re working on can flourish. In terms of a garden, this means spend time and energy on what is growing and forget about what hasn’t thrived or shown results. This month, you could see signs of prosperity and abundance in your job, friendships, and family. You’re in a productive period now.

The new moon is on Tuesday, May 7. Rat, you’re good at sniffing out new opportunities, and you could uncover a small treasure if you start digging now. This might involve a new way of marketing your products or services, finding a new platform to advertise on, or marching into your supervisor’s office to ask for a raise. You’re taking hold of an opportunity.

There is a full moon on Thursday, May 23. Rat, something you’ve been studying now comes in very handy. You might be helping someone who’s studying the same subject, or you could be asked to teach a class on what you’ve learned. You might consider putting together an entire course on the topic or even publishing an instructional manual.

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