rat Monthly Chinese Horoscopes for January 2022

Month of January 2022 This Month

Your of January begins with the I Ching hexagram of water over mountain (39). Even though you would like to avoid issues, trouble seems to find you anyway this month. The everyday problems of life like car trouble, breaking appliances, or computer issues seem to get in your way. Be philosophical about it all, and you can find a blessing in the process.

The new moon is on Jan. 2, and, Rat, the month is off to a great start with an opportunity for you to gain recognition at your job or for a pet project. A person with a great reputation could lift you up or give you a helping hand into the winner’s circle. And all this could happen quite suddenly, so stay alert for opportunities.

The seventeenth brings the full moon, and you might have a desire to stay home and binge-watch movies. You want to nest and cocoon comfortably away from the cold weather or unreasonable expectations of your job and customers. You could use a break, but this might be a difficult time for you to disappear. It might take some serious willpower to stop scrolling through the video options. You’re fighting entropy at this time.