Dragon Weekly Chinese Horoscopes

Week of June 16, 2024

This week, you have good momentum.

The week begins on Sunday, June 16, with the Yin metal Pig day. Dragon, expect disruptions in your daily routine. These potentially stem from personnel changes in your workplace or challenges in your company’s supply chain. Adapt quickly to these changes and rely on your resourcefulness to navigate through.

The Yang wood Tiger day is Wednesday, June 19. Dragon, now someone wants you to fill in for them or take over something they don’t want to do. This might be related to a group you belong to, an organization you work with, or your pack of friends. It’s likely that this sort of thing happens to you often, but now it’s time to embrace the leadership role. But remember to prioritize your own well-being amid the flurry of requests you’re likely to receive.

Friday, June 21, is the Yang fire Dragon day. It is also the full moon. Dragon, prepare for accolades and recognition in your professional and personal spheres. Whether it’s praise from superiors for your work or admiration from loved ones for your creative endeavors, you’re in the winner’s circle today. It’s good to step up and take a bow.


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