dragon Weekly Chinese Horoscopes for Week of November 27, 2022

Week of November 27, 2022 Last Week

This week, you’re gaining in many ways.

Tuesday, November 29, is the Yang fire Dog day. Dragon, you might be traveling to see a friend, barnstorming through their town and catching only glimpses of all of the sights and tourist attractions. Or it’s possible you’re ferrying a relative through your own town as they make a quick stop on their way back from vacation.

The Yang earth Rat day is Thursday, December 1, and Dragon, you build something of quality by stacking one brick on top of another. This is very true right now when it comes to your education. This is a good time to look at how you can increase your vocational knowledge by taking extra courses or continuing ed classes. If you’re in school, you are advancing to some more difficult sections of the course.

The week comes to an end on Sunday, December 4, with the Yin metal Rabbit day. Dragon, you have a great sense of style. You can often see trends coming in, and people use you as their bellwether for what to wear or how to decorate. This is something you could turn into a moneymaking venture. Today, you could make plans for your future career.

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