Rabbit Weekly Chinese Horoscopes

Week of May 19, 2024

This week, your efforts pay off.

Monday, May 20, is the Yang wood Monkey day. Rabbit, you are yearning for a change of scene and a break from your usual routine. Consider treating yourself with a day away from the norm. This could get you out of a rut and be a refreshing, rejuvenating experience.

The Yin fire Pig day is Thursday, May 23. It is also the full moon. Rabbit, an opportunity presents itself, yet you feel you need more time to practice. This might mean a job interview or audition or an audience with a celebrity. You need to remind yourself that you have already rehearsed the steps, and you have every reason to feel confident that you’re adequately prepared. Take a deep breath, smile, and move forward.

The week comes to an end on Saturday, May 25, with the Yin earth Ox day. Rabbit, you might find yourself making excuses for a friend’s behavior. You are a very sensitive person who can get deeply attached to those closest to you. This means you grant them a lot of leeway. Today, you might want to establish a boundary with this individual. It’s important to balance your compassion with self-protection today.

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