rabbit Weekly Chinese Horoscopes for Week of August 7, 2022

Week of August 7, 2022 Last Week

This week, what was lost is found.

On Tuesday, August 9, it’s the Yang wood Horse day. Rabbit, something that you thought was lost forever is found. This could be a piece of paper (a really important one like a deed or a title for a car). You might find a piece of jewelry that you thought had been accidentally thrown away. And now that you’re reunited with this object, you might be eager to search for other things you’ve recently lost.

The Yang fire Monkey day is Thursday, August 11. It is also the full moon. Rabbit, you might be crafting something in the kitchen. It’s possible you’re baking a special cake for a child (possibly in the shape of their favorite cartoon character), or you might be whipping up your famous barbecue sauce to grill ribs outside. This is a good time to pull out all your best recipes and dazzle the family.

The week comes to an end on Sunday, August 14, with the Yin earth Pig day. Rabbit, your own personal philosophy is very important. It’s the lens through which you look at important decisions and reorder your priorities. Now because you’ve matured and gained more experience, you can incorporate any changes. Today, you are waxing philosophical.

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