Snake Weekly Chinese Horoscopes

Week of September 17, 2023 Last Week

This week, you’re finding your tribe.

The week begins on Sunday, September 17, with the Yang earth Tiger day. Snake, you might be actively engaging on social media and connecting with like-minded individuals. Now you can expand your reach, perhaps by starting a podcast or subscription-based blog. You’re honing your niche, and it might be worth exploring ways to monetize your endeavors. If you’re new to posting on social media, this is a favorable day to get started.

The Yin metal Snake day is Wednesday, September 20. Snake, someone unexpected might approach you and express interest in dating. Your natural charm draws people to you, but this particular encounter could catch you by surprise. Today, you have the potential to meet someone for a friendship or romantic relationship.

Friday, September 22, is the Yin water Goat day. Snake, you’ll be gathering a lot of information today. You might watch videos or listen to lectures by others, and while this knowledge can be valuable and helpful, it’s important to remain true to your own voice. If you’re asked to speak, boldly step up to the microphone. If you’re asked to sing, take the stage with confidence. Trust in your own abilities and express yourself authentically.

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