Tiger Weekly Chinese Horoscopes

Week of June 11, 2023 Next Week

This week, you find a hidden opportunity. 

Monday, June 12, is the Yin metal Ox day. Tiger, you might be on cloud nine today. It could be due to a wonderful phone call with a friend or potential romantic partner. You might get tickets to a special event you’ve been hoping to attend. Or someone could give you a gift that is just what you’ve been looking for. Today, it’s easy to count your blessings.

The Yin water Rabbit day is Wednesday, June 14. Tiger, sometimes you’re moving so quickly that counting your pennies seems trivial. But by keeping track of your spending, you could find that you save more money (which puts you on the road to financial freedom in the future). As you go through your day, don’t be so quick that you leave money on the table.

Saturday, June 17, is the Yang fire Horse day. It is also the new moon. Tiger, a happy accident could put a good opportunity in front of you. This might be a wrong turn that helps you discover a great new restaurant. Or you might bump into an influencer in your industry. Today, keep your eyes open for serendipity.

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