Pig Weekly Chinese Horoscopes

Week of March 3, 2024

This week, your charisma is strong.

The week begins on Sunday, March 3, with the Yang fire Tiger day. Pig, it’s likely that you get along with most people in your family, but this could be complicated if money is involved. It’s possible that someone promised to send you money through a cash app but you didn’t get it. You might need to settle for an old-fashioned check.

Monday, March 4, is the Yin fire Rabbit day. Pig, your confidence is high right now, so it’s possible you’re on stage singing or emceeing a production. This is a good time to audition for a role in a play or a part in a commercial.

The Yin earth Snake day is Wednesday, March 6. Pig, you and your sweetheart might be thinking about moving your relationship forward. But perhaps this long-term view is giving both of you a bit of vertigo. Right now, it would be better to focus on really caring for each other.

Friday, March 8, is the Yin metal Goat day. Pig, you could be very drawn to music right now. And perhaps you sporadically practice the violin or flute. This is a good time to pick up an instrument and make some beautiful music.

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