Snake Weekly Chinese Horoscopes

Week of November 26, 2023

This week, you’re the person with the answers.

Monday, November 27, is the Yin earth Ox day. It’s also the full moon. Snake, you could be a part of a group or organization facing challenges. With your strong intuition, you might have sensed these issues looming on the horizon for a while. There could be difficulties involving a board member or anticipated funding that hasn’t materialized. Today, people are seeking solutions, and you could be the one with the answers.

The Yin metal Rabbit day is Wednesday, November 29. Snake, your social calendar might be packed. In fact, you could find yourself double-booked today and over the next few days as well. You might have out-of-town guests, friends of friends who are eager to meet you, and tickets to exciting events. Right now, you have lots of options for social activities.

The week comes to an end on Saturday, December 2, with the Yang wood Horse day. Snake, concerning your finances, you might be feeling quite adaptable today. You could consider diverting funds from your home improvement budget to assist one of your children, or you might be contemplating a significant purchase and find the flexible payment options and deferred interest extremely tempting.

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