snake Weekly Chinese Horoscopes for the Week of July 3, 2022

Week of July 3, 2022 This Week

This week, you’re getting things in order.

Tuesday, July 5, is the Yin earth Goat day. Snake, there’s some important work to do with papers, forms or applications. You might be changing jobs or expanding your business. This could mean completing a contract to purchase a home or other big-ticket item like a car or RV. You might help a relative get important papers together in a safe place.

The Yin metal Rooster day is Thursday, July 7. Snake, there’s an opportunity for love, although this might take the form of a puppy. You or someone close to you might get a pet, and you can spend some happy time playing with this new addition. You could have a lot of animal activity on your property. You might enjoy watching the birds feed and the squirrels play.

The week comes to an end on Sunday, July 10, with the Yang wood Rat day. Snake, you might be reviewing investments to see what you no longer need. You could be considering where to take profits and where to cut your losses. This is a good time to rebalance your portfolio, move resources to a different brokerage account and analyze your decision-making process in general.


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