Online Medium Readings

A reading with a medium is very different than a reading with a psychic. In a psychic reading, the psychic will usually use their own intuition and clair senses to read energy.

In a medium reading, the medium will connect with their spirit team, the client's spirit team, or loved ones in spirit to offer guidance and validation. The spirit will use the medium's clair abilities to communicate with the client. This allows the medium to be impartial, and not incorporate their own personal biases or opinions during the reading.

The client may still ask questions they would ask a psychic, relating to the usual topics of love life, career, money, health, and any transitions on the horizon, but instead of receiving information from the psychic directly, they will receive the information from their grandmother in spirit, or their personal spirit guide or angel. Messages passed on from the divine will take on a different energy and may have different guidance than messages from a psychic. Again, one is not better than the other, it is up to the client which source of information they resonate with most. On rare occasions, some mediums have demonstrated the ability to be overshadowed by the spirit they connect with. They may vaguely take on that spirit's appearance, body language, and tone of voice.

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What to Expect from a Medium Reading

Each medium has a different style of reading based on which of their clair abilities are stronger and the tools they use to channel spirit energy. Some may hold a crystal to help focus; some may sporadically close their eyes and take deep breaths; some may write or scribble furiously as a way to tune in. A medium will usually meditate before the session to slow down their logical mind and amplify their intuitive receptive mind. When they make contact with a spirit, they may see that spirit in their third eye, or the spirit may make them feel a certain way (tingly, hot, etc.).

A medium may also hear a spirit whisper something in their ear. It is then the medium's responsibility to validate the connection—spirit will deliver clues that should resonate with the client and help them understand who they are with. These clues vary, from names, dates, fond memories, how this spirit passed, the music they loved, their favorite color, anything that the client can use to determine the identity and form the connection. Then, the spirit will deliver messages pertaining to their life, such as things they wish they could have said, apologies, affirmations, and things pertaining to a client's life. The spirit may also pass on messages to a client's friends and relatives, thus making the client a sort of medium.

Five Things You Should Know Before Your Medium Reading

  1. A medium cannot control who comes through in a reading. You can request to make contact with a specific person, but there is no guarantee that that spirit will come through. It is not because that spirit does not love you, it can simply be because they choose to connect with you in other ways, or it is not the right time for them to bring messages. Having said this, it does help if before a session, you ask the spirit you wish to connect with to appear in the reading.
  2. It is best to wait a few months before connecting to a spirit. Seeking a medium a day or a week after your loved one has passed may not give you the healing and validation you are looking for. This is because your grief can sometimes act as a heavy energetic barrier to connecting with spirit, who vibrate at a high frequency. Also, those on the other side often need time to learn how to use their energy, for they also have to learn how to work with the medium.
  3. Be open to the type of information that comes through. It's fine to be a skeptic, but a medium is not a biographer. Testing the medium with specific information for the sake of disproving spirit contact is counter-productive. The information a medium brings through will often be more heart based, and resonate with loving memories versus factual information like their exact birthday, their exact home address, how much money they left you in their will, etc.
  4. Be clear in your intention. Why do you want to communicate with spirit? Do you want to make sure they are at peace? Do you want to ask them what you should do with your present life circumstances? Do you wish to say something to them because you did not get to while they were here in the physical world?
  5. If a message or some information about the spirit is coming through it is okay to say that it doesn't make sense. Sometimes, a medium is connecting to someone who is different than intended, or the message may be for someone you know or even for the next client. And sometimes the medium may be interpreting the message incorrectly. Give the medium an opportunity to relay information to you. You can say that you're wanting to connect to a dear friend, and even give the name if the medium requests it, but don't start saying how this friend died, what age, your favorite bands growing up, etc.