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As your portal to the stars, this calendar provides all the major astrological aspects this year. Highlighting every time each star changes signs, as well as every planet moving in and out of retrograde, this astrology calendar is the most comprehensive overview you'll find online. All the aspects mentioned are calculated in Standard Pacific Time and will affect every zodiac sign to a certain degree.

Highlighted in purple are the most important transits.

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December 2018 astrological events

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Jan 01 — Super full moon in Cancer / New Year's Day

New start, resolutions, your future, plan ahead. This will be a moon to watch for its size and significance.

Jan 02 — Uranus direct in Aries

It's time to wake up the inner rebel in us after a five-month retrograde.

Jan 06 — Mars in Scorpio conjunct Jupiter

An opportunity aspect that needs to be handled with care.

Jan 09 — Sun in Capricorn conjunct Venus & Pluto

Intense transformative effect on personal and business relationships, turning negatives into positives.

Jan 10 — Mercury enters Capricorn

Communication becomes serious and fear-based.

Jan 13 — Venus square Uranus

Short-term challenges to social relationships.

Jan 16 — New moon in Capricorn

A reminder to take a new perspective on our careers and how we project ourselves into the world.

Jan 17 — Venus enters Aquarius

Echoes the excitement, unconventionality, and need for space in social relationships.

Jan 19 — Sun enters Aquarius

Aquarius themes (innovation, creativity, eccentricities, independence, tech).

Jan 24 — Mercury conjunct Pluto

Communications go underground. There is a need to dig deep.

Jan 26 — Mars enters Sagittarius

Energy shift from dark to light. Great for sports and going on adventures.

Jan 27 — Sun in Aquarius trine moon in Gemini

This trine favors networking with friends and associates.

Jan 31 — Super full moon - Total lunar eclipse in Leo

As the second full moon of the month, it is also a blue moon. Emotional levels will be off the charts. Rest is advised.

Jan 31 — Mercury enters Aquarius

The rate of communication speeds up. We are pushed to think outside the box.

Feb 04 — Sun in Aquarius trine Moon in Libra

Adds interest and charm to any situation.

Feb 07 — Sun in Aquarius square moon in Scorpio

Struggle between what we think we want and what we need to let go of.

Feb 10 — Sun in Aquarius square Jupiter in Scorpio

What we think we should be doing but all the reason why we can't do it.

Feb 10 — Venus enters Pisces

Love conquers all and romance becomes a priority during the next four weeks.

Feb 15 — New moon in Aquarius / Partial solar eclipse

Intense energy. Not a good time to make important decisions.

Feb 16 — Chinese New Year

Lunar New Year - In Chinese astrology, it is the year of the earth Dog. Stable element, loyal and trust-worthy animal. It will bring calm into our lives.

Feb 17 — Mars in Sagittarius square Neptune in Pisces

A once-a-year aspect that can bring low energy, lies, suspicion, and even scandal.

Feb 17 — Mercury enters Pisces

Communications get vague and fuzzy. Facts vs emotions.

Feb 18 — Sun enters Pisces

Pisces themes (emotion, compassion, dreams, sensitivity, intuition, art).

Feb 21 — Venus in Pisces conjunct Neptune in Pisces

A romantic evening. Ideal for artistic or spiritual creations. However, it can also bring unpleasant realities.

Feb 25 — Sun in Pisces trine moon in Cancer/Venus square Mars/Mercury conjunct Neptune

Not the best day to make decisions about love and money.

Mar 01 — Full moon in Virgo

First of two full moons in March. The mind-body connection is heightened.

Mar 01 — Venus in Pisces trine Jupiter in Scorpio

Lucky in love and romance. Harmonious watery trine.

Mar 04 — Sun in Pisces conjunct Neptune in Pisces

Reconnecting with the purpose of our soul.

Mar 04 — Mercury conjunct Venus

All feelings come straight from the heart. Great for writing down thoughts.

Mar 05 — Mercury enters Aries

Communications speed up and become more direct and forceful.

Mar 06 — Venus enters Aries

Social relationships tend to suffer. Incompatible energy for love.

Mar 08 — Jupiter Rx in Scorpio

Time to tune-in and listen to your inner-guru.

Mar 11 — Mars trine Uranus

Good week to look for unusual and unexpected opportunities. Break out of your comfort zone.

Mar 13 — Venus square Saturn

Struggle between being accountable and letting the good times roll.

Mar 13 — Sun in Pisces trine Jupiter in Scoprio

Opens the door to good fortune and opportunity.

Mar 17 — New moon in Pisces

Compassionate and healing energy. Generosity, creativity.

Mar 17 — Moon in Pisces square Mars enters Capricorn

An angry aspect that can cause fights and arguments.

Mar 20 — Sun enters Aries / Spring Equinox

Aries themes (First, confidence, courage, leader, assertive, fast).

Mar 20 — Int. Astrology Day

All astrology themes.

Mar 20 — Mercury in Aries conjunct Venus in Aries

Communications can be harsh.

Mar 22 — Mercury Rx in Aries

Communications are fast and fiery. Expect delays. Not good to start new things.

Mar 23 — Venus square Pluto

Potential roadblock because of passionate power struggles.

Mar 24 — Sun square Mars

An angry energy that might bring a challenging weekend.

Mar 28 — Venus conjunct Uranus

Unpredictable and shocking events, not a good time to risk in love and money.

Mar 29 — Sun square Saturn

An aspect that might bring obstacles in our path.

Mar 31 — Venus enters Taurus

A three-week period of positive social relationships, high self-esteem, and financial growth.

Mar 31 — Full moon in Libra

We must cooperate with someone we do not like to get something we want.

Apr 02 — Mars in Capricorn conjunct Saturn in Capricorn

Usually a negative aspect, both planets are on their best behavior.

Apr 07 — Venus trine Saturn

Good for practical decisions concerning love or finances.

Apr 09 — Sun in Aries square moon in Capricorn

Difficulty attaining goals.

Apr 11 — Sun square Pluto

A one-day struggle to get things moving.

Apr 15 — Mercury direct in Aries

Communication goes back on track.

Apr 15 — New moon in Aries conjunct Uranus

An indication of unusual and unexpected things to come. The best time to take a risk.

Apr 17 — Saturn retrograde in Capricorn

A rewarding time for gaining insight, wisdom, and reflecting on unfinished business.

Apr 17 — Venus opposition Jupiter

Not a good time to borrow, lend, or invest.

Apr 18 — Sun conjunct Uranus

A nervous and unpredictable day.

Apr 19 — Sun enters Taurus

A stable, earthy, and security-minded energy.

Apr 22 — Pluto retrograde in Capricorn

A key time for transformation, revisiting hang-ups, and purging what no longer serves us.

Apr 24 — Venus enters Gemini

Smart and flirty becomes the new beautiful for the next four weeks.

Apr 25 — Mercury square Saturn

Communications are fear-based.

Apr 26 — Mars conjunct Pluto

A potentially destructive and angry energy.

Apr 29 — Full moon in Scorpio

A powerful energy best focused on healing and transformation.

Apr 29 — Sun trine Saturn

A good time to analyze, plan carefully, and get a lot of work done.

May 05 — Sun in Taurus trine moon in Capricorn

A productive and earthy aspect that echoes with fertility rituals.

May 08 — Sun opposition Jupiter

Represents struggle to pull off something really, really huge.

May 11 — Sun in Taurus trine Pluto in Capricorn

Could help bring desires to physical manifestation.

May 13 — Mercury conjunct Uranus

Strengthens intuition but also increases general nervous tension.

May 13 — Mercury enters Taurus

Communications are careful and unrushed.

May 15 — Uranus enters Taurus

The beginning of a seven-year cycle suggesting heavy lifts and shocking events regarding scientific technology.

May 15 — New moon in Taurus

The most fertile time of the year for new beginnings.

May 16 — Mars enters Aquarius

Emphasis on abrupt change all around us, an unstable day.

May 19 — Venus enters Cancer

Emphasis on everything that is maternal.

May 20 — Sun enters Gemini

A four-week period of light and fun energy.

May 23 — Mercury opposition Jupiter

A time when we must think twice before we speak or it could bring bad consequences.

May 23 — Sun in Gemini trine Mars in Aquarius

A good week to bring ideas into reality through networking and social media.

May 25 — Jupiter in Scorpio trine Neptune in Pisces

An abundance of luck, generosity, and compassion.

May 26 — Venus opposition Saturn

It brings needed lessons in love, self-esteem, and finances.

May 29 — Full moon in Sagittarius

A great time to finish projects and put the final touches on long-term ideas.

May 29 — Mercury enters Gemini

Communications become easy, witty, and flirty.

Jun 01 — Venus in Cancer trine Jupiter in Scorpio

A stellar day for lovers.

Jun 02 — Venus in Cancer trine Neptune in Pisces

A stellar day for creative and spiritual activities.

Jun 05 — Sun in Gemini conjunct Mercury in Gemini

The focus is on communications and we can spin things our way.

Jun 05 — Venus opposition Pluto

Obsessions and compulsive attractions.

Jun 12 — Mercury enters Cancer

Communications are driven by emotions, not by logic.

Jun 13 — Super new moon in Gemini

Lightness, love, fun-filled, great for making new connections.

Jun 13 — Venus enters Leo

Life becomes fun, playful, self-indulgent, and dramatic.

Jun 14 — Venus square Uranus

Could bring surprising upsets to social relationships or financial plans.

Jun 15 — Mercury opposition Saturn

Could make us hold on to grudges or feel isolation.

Jun 18 — Neptune retrograde in Pisces

A time to reevaluate some of life's unpleasant realities.

Jun 20 — Mercury trine Jupiter trine Neptune

Enhancing and sensitizing communications.

Jun 21 — Sun enters Cancer / Summer Solstice

A time for letting go of old hurts, spend time with family and give birth to new skills or projects.

Jun 21 — Venus opposition Mars

The spirit of competition is increased between partners. A bad time for love.

Jun 23 — Mercury opposition Pluto

Communications could bring threats and intimidation.

Jun 25 — Venus square Jupiter

A time of indulgence in spending or eating.

Jun 26 — Mars retrograde in Aquarius

A time out to review anger issues and your ability to be assertive.

Jun 28 — Full moon in Capricorn

A signal to get serious and complete any outstanding transactions.

Jun 28 — Mercury enters Leo

Communications become bold, fiery, and more focused on drama than other details.

Jun 30 — Mercury square Uranus

Brings minor anxiety or stress, suggesting it is best to postpone any important meetings or conversations.

Jul 03 — Sun in Cancer trine moon in Pisces

A sentimental energy that could make us feel like crying over something that makes us happy.

Jul 04 — Chiron retrograde

The opportunity to bring all wounds to the surface to be healed.

Jul 05 — Sun in Cancer trine Jupiter in Scorpio

Brings good fortune for women, children, and the real estate market.

Jul 05 — Mercury opposition Mars

This is also a good day to watch your mouth.

Jul 07 — Sun trine Neptune

Increasing sensitivity to the environment and empathy towards those less fortunate.

Jul 09 — Venus enters Virgo

For the next month, it becomes harder to enjoy life's pleasures because of Virgo's perfectionist nature.

Jul 10 — Jupiter direct in Scorpio

Opens the door to good fortune.

Jul 11 — Venus trine Uranus

It can bring an exciting encounter with a stranger, or surprising extra money in your bank account.

Jul 12 — Super new moon in Cancer / Partial solar eclipse

Because it is opposing Pluto, it becomes very intense. Not a good time for new beginnings.

Jul 22 — Sun enters Leo

As the ruler of Leo, the sun invites us to treat ourselves like kings and queens for the next month. The energy is bold, brave, dramatic, and generous.

Jul 22 — Sun in Cancer trine moon in Scorpio

Our intuitions soar, making this a good time to follow our gut.

Jul 24 — Venus opposition Neptune

Signals possible disappointments in love or money.

Jul 25 — Sun square Uranus

A one-day disturbance.

Jul 25 — Mercury retrograde in Leo

It's unfavorable to start anything new for the next few weeks, when communication may get complicated.

Jul 27 — Sun opposition Mars

It is a time when competition is at its highest and things could turn aggressive.

Jul 27 — Full moon in Aquarius / Total lunar eclipse

An intense alignment along with the unexpected nature of Aquarius makes this not the best time to act.

Jul 27 — Venus trine Pluto

An aspect that pumps up passions around love and money.

Aug 01 — Sun in Leo trine moon in Aries / Mars square Uranus

A fiery and potentially violent trine.

Aug 06 — Sun square Jupiter

This aspect could spin things out of control due to the overly exuberant qualities of the planets involved.

Aug 06 — Venus enters Libra

For the next month, Venus feels at home creating a golden balance point in social relationships.

Aug 07 — Venus trine Mars

Intensifies the aspect above.

Aug 07 — Uranus retrograde in Taurus

A period of intuitive breakthroughs if we use the time to look back and search for the deeper meaning of any sudden changes.

Aug 09 — Venus square Saturn

An indication that emotional hurts and resentments could come to a head.

Aug 11 — New moon in Leo / Partial solar eclipse

Marks a time of new beginnings for exploring the true path of our hearts desires.

Aug 12 — Mars retrograde enters Capricorn

A dynamic powerhouse drive is available to all of us.

Aug 18 — Mercury goes direct in Leo

Communications will return to normal and it's safe to initiate projects.

Aug 19 — Jupiter trine Neptune

One of the most positive aspects of the year. It brings luck, generosity, and compassion.

Aug 20 — Sun in Leo trine moon in Sagittarius

A creative and exciting day.

Aug 22 — Sun enters Virgo

The energy becomes down-to-earth, when it's time to focus on the practical side of life.

Aug 25 — Grand trine (Sun in Virgo, Uranus in Taurus, Saturn in Capricorn)

A once-a-year very positive aspect.

Aug 26 — Full moon in Pisces

Enhancing the aspect mentioned above, it is a special gift to bring creative ideas to reality.

Aug 26 — Venus square Pluto

A negative aspect, it could bring minor difficulties to relationships and finances.

Aug 27 — Mars direct in Capricorn

It's time to start up the engines with the ability to move mountains.

Aug 27 — Mercury square Jupiter

It could bring over-enthusiasm and lack of focus.

Sept 05 — Mercury enters Virgo

Communications become analytical and happy during the next two weeks.

Sept 06 — Saturn direct in Capricorn

A signal to start moving forward into an organized and focused future.

Sept 07 — Sun opposition Neptune

Illusions and imaginative powers are extremely heightened.

Sept 08 — Venus square Mars

A good time to make important decisions regarding love or finances.

Sept 09 — Venus enters Scorpio

Incompatible energies. Relationships, values and finances become intense and manipulative.

Sept 09 — New moon in Virgo

This lunation brings a gentle, caring energy.

Sept 10 — Mars enters Aquarius

Progressive action, advanced technology, and abrupt changes.

Sept 11 — Sun trine Pluto

Transformations already in progress should continue to go smoothly.

Sept 12 — Venus opposition Uranus

It could bring surprises, either good or bad.

Sept 13 — Mercury opposition Neptune

Watch out for miscommunications, a bad day for signing important documents.

Sept 18 — Mars square Uranus

It could bring a resolution to a personal or global conflict.

Sept 21 — Mercury enters Libra

A positive aspect signaling a time of rational and energetic communications for the next three weeks.

Sept 22 — Sun enters Libra / Fall Equinox

A perfect balance between day and night. A perfect day to check out the balance in our own lives.

Sept 24 — Full moon in Aries square Saturn

Underscores a need to accept full responsibility for your actions.

Sept 25 — Sun square Saturn

Supports the aspect above.

Sept 27 — Sun trine Mars

This aspect is an injection of energy.

Sept 30 — Pluto direct in Capricorn

A big help in transforming past experiences through the power of forgiveness.

Oct 02 — Sun square moon

Adds a minor level of stress.

Oct 03 — Mercury square Pluto

Brings strong or obsessive opinions into play.

Oct 05 — Venus retrograde in Scorpio

It could bring trouble in love until November 16th. Not a good time to start a relationship or get married.

Oct 08 — New moon in Libra

A two-week period of opportunity to rebalance our one-on-one relationships.

Oct 09 — Mercury enters Scorpio

Conversations become deeper and more profound for the next three weeks.

Oct 10 — Mars square Venus

It could ruffle some relationship feathers.

Oct 12 — Sun in Libra square Pluto

It could signal a power struggle with authority figures.

Oct 15 — Mercury in Scorpio conjunction Venus in Scorpio

Creates an intense desire to dig deep to get to the bottom of a situation.

Oct 19 — Mercury trine Neptune square Mars

Communications could be inspired, but could also be confusing or angry.

Oct 23 — Sun enters Scorpio

The energy becomes emotional and secretive. Ideal for healing all wounds and getting closure.

Oct 24 — Full moon in Taurus

Spotlight on completions through change and transformation.

Oct 26 — Sun in Scorpio conjunction Venus in Scorpio

It's a time of transformation, it brings intensity as well as dissatisfaction in relationships.

Oct 29 — Sun in Scorpio trine moon in Cancer

Brings the opportunity to end what no longer serves us.

Oct 31 — Mercury enters Sagittarius

Our minds start overflowing with adventures and expansive ideas while we forget to analyze the details.

Oct 31 — Venus opposition Uranus

A tricky time for love.

Oct 31 — Venus enters Libra

Love becomes easier.

Nov 01 — Jupiter trine Chiron

An opportunity to release and heal all wounds.

Nov 06 — Sun in Scorpio trine Neptune in Pisces

Artistic and creative abilities, as well as spiritual beliefs, are on the rise.

Nov 06 — Uranus retrograde enters Aries

A regressive effect on the general elections held on that same day.

Nov 07 — New moon in Scorpio

The best time of the year to make a new start by looking deep into ourselves and embracing our shadow.

Nov 08 — Jupiter enters Sagittarius

For the next twelve months, Jupiter is at home, bringing a sense of optimism, goodwill, and generosity.

Nov 09 — Venus trine Mars

Another lovely time to work on your inner balance.

Nov 15 — Mars enters Pisces

Mars' aggressive drive becomes more spiritual and creative for the next few weeks.

Nov 16 — Venus direct in Scorpio

The next two weeks are ideal for planning on getting married.

Nov 16 — Mercury retrograde in Sagittarius

It's time to look back at the choices and decisions you've made for the last two months.

Nov 19 — Mars square Jupiter

A tendency to do too much or overestimate one's abilities.

Nov 20 — Sun trine Chiron

An ideal day for healing.

Nov 22 — Sun enters Sagittarius / Full moon in Gemini

It could lead to some spirited conversations around the dinner table and bring things to completion.

Nov 24 — Neptune direct in Pisces

A time of heightened idealism and compassion.

Nov 25 — Sun conjunction Jupiter

It could be the luckiest day of the year. The keyword is expansion.

Nov 26 — Mercury square Mars

Tricky when trying to get important messages across.

Nov 27 — Sun conjunction Mercury & Jupiter

A positive aspect that reminds us to not take ourselves too seriously.

Nov 30 — Venus opposition Uranus

It points to relationship problems or sudden breakups.

Dec 01 — Mercury enters Scorpio

Communications and relationships become intense and obsessive.

Dec 02 — Sun square Mars

People rub each other the wrong way.

Dec 05 — Sun square Neptune

It weakens our vital energy and immune systems, so it's a good day to rest, sleep, and dream.

Dec 06 — Mercury direct in Scorpio

Communications go back to normal.

Dec 06 — New moon in Sagittarius

A big dose of faith, hope, and optimism.

Dec 06 — Mars conjunction Neptune

Great for pursuing artistic and spiritual dreams, sexual magnetism. However, there is a tendency to over-idealize people.

Dec 08 — Chiron goes direct

It's time to release the attachment towards our pain and begin anew once more.

Dec 12 — Mercury enters Sagittarius

A reminder to not overspend during the holiday season.

Dec 15 — Sun in Sagittarius square moon in Pisces

It could put a minor wrench in the holiday spirit.

Dec 20 — Sun trine Uranus

A positive aspect that increases our intuition and encourages us to leave our comfort zone.

Dec 21 — Sun enters Capricorn / Winter Solstice

Marks the return of the light to the northern hemisphere. It is a time to get serious.

Dec 21 — Venus trine Neptune

An opportune aspect that brings a bounty of love and harmony to the winter solstice.

Dec 25 — Moon in Leo trine Jupiter in Sagittarius

A fiery and positive combination, it burns away any unpleasantness and promises a happy holiday.

Dec 29 — Sun in Capricorn square moon in Libra

Anxieties and tensions could surface, but could also blow over quickly.

Dec 31 — Mars enters Aries

A double dose of firepower energy that propels us into the new year.