Rabbit Monthly Chinese Horoscopes

Month of July 2024

The month of July brings Rabbit natives the I Ching hexagram of lake over water (47).

Rabbit, you’re naturally resilient and rarely become stuck, but now there could be an obstacle ahead. This is a temporary pause that gives you time to practice some self-care and find your balance. There’s no need to push, because the obstruction in your path will dissolve soon. Shift your timeline, manage your expectations, and take a well-deserved rest.

There is a new moon on Friday, July 5. This month, it’s a good idea to prioritize self-care. Part of this is about asserting boundaries with your family. You have a lot of inner strength, but sometimes others take advantage of your generosity. This is a good time to find a balance between what you give and what you receive.

Sunday, July 21, brings the full moon. If you’re looking for love, now is the time to open yourself to friendship and dating opportunities. Embracing the potential for new connections and romantic sparks could bring an exciting change in your life. This month, consider joining a social club or attending social events where you can meet new people. Rabbit, you could gain a new best friend or a romantic interest who makes your heart pound.

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