Rabbit Weekly Chinese Horoscopes

Week of June 30, 2024

This week, others find your quirks enchanting.

The week begins on Sunday, June 30, with the Yin wood Ox day. Today, you have occasion to foster an important connection with members of your community. Rabbit, you might meet like-minded individuals through networking groups, spiritual get-togethers, or a community charity event. It’s likely you will be welcomed with open arms. You could come away with a whole new group of friends.

The Yang earth Dragon day is Wednesday, July 3. It’s an opportune day for brainstorming financial strategies. You might want to consider engaging in discussions with knowledgeable peers or financially savvy family members to explore investment opportunities. This could be the impetus for getting your small business idea off the ground.

Friday, July 5, is the Yang metal Horse day. It is also the new moon. Despite how busy you are, it’s likely you will experience a surge in demands from the family. Besides the usual requests, there could be a big family event on the horizon. Relatives might seek your expertise to pull together a wonderful event for a large group of people. Rabbit, you might be put in charge of organizing a wedding, anniversary celebration, or homecoming party.

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