Birth Numerology

The day we were born holds significant meaning to us—and not just because we find ourselves a little older. The exact day we were born directs not only our personalities but our attitude toward the world and what journey to we are destined to take. In your numerology portrait, three numbers—the birthday number, the life path number, and the attitude number—all come from the numbers in your date of birth. Unlike those that come from your name, your birth numbers cannot be changed, and therefore have a stronger hold over you. Curious about what your birthday says about you? Read on!

Birthday Number

The birthday number is simply that—the day you were born. The birthday number reveals how people see you at first glance; your first impression to the world. If your life path number is compatible with your birthday number, people can read you easily. But if your life path number is the total opposite of your birthday number, people will need more time to get to know you before they can really understand you. To get your birthday number, you simply use the day you were born. For example, if you were born on the 23rd, you would simply add 2 and 3 together for a birthday number of 5.

  • 1 DAY (1, 10, 19, 28)

    You seem like someone who doesn't follow the status quo; someone who values their individuality above all else. You have a real leadership quality that others pick up on and follow. You command any room.

  • 2 DAY (2, 11, 20, 29)

    You seem trustworthy—someone who can both sides of a situation and give fair advice and guidance. People are drawn to you because of your gentle nature and psychic abilities.

  • 3 DAY (3, 12, 21, 30)

    When people first meet you, you leave a big impression. You radiate joy and are quick to tell a funny story or crack a joke when you first meet someone. People often guess that you are an artist (or should be one) because they can feel your creative aura.

  • 4 DAY (4, 13, 22, 31)

    You seem very serious—someone who can handle any situation in a quick, orderly manner. People are impressed by your ability to notice small details and your no-nonsense way of speaking. You seem like a person who likes to get to the point.

  • 5 DAY (5, 14, 23)

    You seem like a bubbly extrovert. Your quick wit and fun-loving nature immediately charm those around you. You can easily strike up a conversation with anyone. People assume that you're always ready to party.

  • 6 DAY (6, 15, 24)

    When someone first meets you, they immediately feel your presence. You have a dynamic personality that people are indulged in. Small children and animals especially seem to connect with you.

  • 7 DAY (7, 16, 25)

    You are difficult to read. People don't quite know how to take you at first. It could because they sense your intelligence and are intimidated by it, or because you are so quiet—they don't know what your thinking. You have an air of mystery about you.

  • 8 DAY (8, 17, 26)

    You like to be surrounded by quality. People assume you have excellent taste in clothes, food, and books, and may ask you for recommendations. You also have a very intense nature that people pick up on and are intimidated by. Remember to show your warmth when meeting new people.

  • 9 DAY (9, 18, 27)

    You come off as a helper, someone that can guide others through difficult problems and struggles. You have an air about you that makes people believe you have all the answers. You also seem friendly enough that they feel comfortable confiding in you with their troubles.

Life Path Number

As mentioned before, your life path number is the most important number in your numerology portrait. Similar to the sun sign in an astrology chart, the life path number is your identity and role in life—it is both you who are at your core and who you are meant to become. The life path number describes your journey in life and what lessons you have to learn. You may have five other numbers in your portrait, but this is the number that you'll feel the most and identify with the most. It is a number that cannot be changed and is with you for life.

We find the life path number by adding up all the numbers of our complete date of birth. For example, if we were trying to figure out the life path number of Frida Kahlo, we would take her birthday, July 6, 1907, and break it down: 7+6+1+9+0+7=30, 3+0=3. Frida Kahlo's life path number is 3.

  • 1 PATH (The Leader)

    People with a 1 life path are success-oriented. They have a fierce, competitive drive to be the best at what they do. A 1 life path is someone who is self-motivated, independent, and a hard-worker. You are a natural leader and your innovative mind allows you to see opportunities others miss. Your determination for achievement allows you to overcome any obstacle. In fact, you enjoy challenges because it makes your victory all the sweeter. 1s often struggle with self-doubt and can be their own worst critic. Please remember to be kind to yourself and don't let your ego keep you from asking for help when things get rough. You never have to struggle alone.

  • 2 PATH (The Peacemaker)

    Someone with a 2 life path is a diplomat. They absolutely cannot stand conflict. 2s can see both sides of a situation without judgment because they are so understanding and open-minded. A person with a 2 life path is empathic, compassionate, and loyal, and craves unconditional love above all else. They also have a physic nature and are deeply intuitive; they can often sense things before they happen. A struggle the 2 life path must deal with is their sensitive nature, which is both a blessing a curse. 2s can often feel the emotions of others and if they do not set healthy boundaries, they can emotional drained. You don't have to feel everyone's pain.

  • 3 PATH (The Artist)

    Someone with a 3 life path is a natural showman. You are someone who lives to make a grand, dramatic entrance when you walk into a room—just because you can! A 3 life path loves creativity, entertainment, and communicating with others. You also love to laugh. 3s have deeply creative souls, interested in doing anything artistic. They are famous for their sharp wit and storytelling ability—even if do exaggerate. 3s are fiercely loyal and will stand by a person no matter what. They have a certain optimism about them—they can always see the glass half full. What a 3 will struggle with the most is loneliness. You live for an audience and can be depressed without the company of others. Learn to control your moods and enjoy time with yourself.

  • 4 PATH (The Builder)

    A 4 life path is a hard worker. You are someone who enjoys putting things together, whether you are doing a puzzle, a craft project, or building a life you can be proud of. A 4 is down-to-earth, practical, and responsible—you need a solid plan for your life to feel happy and stable. 4s are very detailed-oriented and like to put things in their proper place. Your organization skills are the stuff of legend. 4s enjoy teaching others things and share their knowledge. For a 4 life path, the most important thing is their home because it's their safe haven. 4s struggle with a fear of risks, which could leave them stuck. Something it's not better to be safe than sorry.

  • 5 PATH (The Adventurer)

    A 5 life path is someone who always "looking for adventure in the great wide somewhere". They love change and cannot be tied down or stuck in a routine. It would not be uncommon for a 5 life path to quit their job suddenly and move across the country. They go wherever the wind blows. A 5 life path loves meeting new people, learning new things, and visiting new places. A bubbly free-spirit. They believe in living life to the fullest and having a variety of interests. 5's are naturally curious and want to know everything. What a 5 will struggle with in life is their fear of commitment; whether to a person or a way of life. Learn to find a balance between freedom and security.

  • 6 PATH (The Parent)

    Someone with a 6 life path is often called the "mom" of their friend group. If a 6 life path does not have children, they will treat their pets, friends, or employees like children and take care of them. A 6 life path is here to make sure everyone is taken care of and likes to take control of a situation. They put that responsibility on themselves. A 6 life path is loving, warm, nurturing, and charming. They are also very family or community-oriented, and that sense of togetherness is deeply important to them. A 6 life path will struggle with giving too much of themselves over to others—especially if they feel they are taken advantage of. This will make a 6 deeply resentful. It's okay to take care of yourself first, 6.

  • 7 PATH (The Seeker)

    The 7 life path number is someone who has an air of mystery about them—someone you just can't figure out. Meanwhile, while we're trying to figure out 7, they have been analyzing and observing us. People with 7 life path are introverted and would rather have one or two deep friendship than many shallow acquaintances. Someone with a 7 life path is intelligent, intuitive, and love research. They feel the best when they are outside, surrounded by natural beauty—especially near a body of water. What a 7 needs in this life is a strong spiritual base. A higher power—no matter what form, is important for a 7 to stay grounded. Without a strong spiritual base, a 7 could become jaded, and cynical.

  • 8 PATH (The Executive)

    Someone who has an 8 life path is a visionary who can see their success and make it a reality. An 8 needs to feel successful financial and will not feel safe without it. Someone who is an 8 life path is a hard worker, ambitious, and can be seen as an authority figure. 8s are goal-oriented and organized. 8s are very honest and refuse to lie to get ahead. What people with an 8 life path struggle with the most is taking advice. When making a choice they feel like it was their decision, not anyone else's. Because the 8 is also the infinity symbol, this life path will have a lot of high highs and very low lows. If you are at a very low point, remember that your good luck will return soon. Be patient.

  • 9 PATH (The Humanitarian)

    What makes the 9 life path special is that they contain the qualities of all the other numbers. Because they have the strongest vibration, they are often in a position of power, even if they don't ask for it. A person with a 9 life path is friendly, compassionate, and idealistic. They are also deeply creative individuals. There is a deep healing quality to the 9 that people notice. True humanitarians, the 9 life path has a highly developed social conscious who see the injustices of the world and wish to correct them. 9s are also deeply spiritual beings who need a lot of introspection to figure out just what their place in the world is. A 9 life path struggles the most with healing from old wounds. A 9 can either be too responsible for their family or feel abandoned by them. Learn to let go of the past.

  • 11 PATH (The Empath)

    The 11 life path is a master number, which gives a stronger vibration than most numbers. An 11 life path is someone who is deeply intuitive. You are sensitive to others emotions and can quickly pick up on things others can not—like relationships or someone's health. Someone with an 11 life path is charismatic, inventive, and idealistic. Someone who relies on their faith rather than logic. They would be drawn to astrology, tarot, and numerology. What an 11 life path will struggle with in this life is anxiety, caused by your sometimes overwhelming empathy. It's important to take care of yourself while helping others.

  • 22 PATH (Master Builder)

    The 22 life path is a master number, which gives a stronger vibration than most numbers. People with a 22 life path number visionaries that have a talent for manifesting their ideas into reality. They are people who do not was their potential because of their practical nature. This number strives to serve humanity for the greater good. Someone with a 22 life path is responsible, intuitive, and knowledge. What a 22 life path will struggle with in life is their fear of failure, burden by their own potential. Learn to trust yourself enough to take risks.

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Attitude Number

Your attitude number is how you approach life and the vibration you give off to others. Think of your attitude number as how you personally handle life. You discover your attitude number by adding your birthday and birth month together. For example, to figure out Michelle Obama's attitude number, we take her birthday: January 17, and break it down to 1+1+7=9. Michelle Obama's attitude number is 9.

Attitude Number Definition


    You don't like to ask for help. You prefer to be self-sufficient and have control over your destiny. You are very self-motivated: once you have a goal in mind, you will do whatever it takes to achieve it.


    You wear heart on your sleeve. You have an easy-going nature and are willing to give people the benefit of the doubt. You are very sensitive to the emotions of those around you. You're motivated by your desire to give and receive love.


    You are very young at heart. Because of your natural enthusiasm and childlike wonderment, people often mistake you for being younger than you really are. Your moods are so big they can affect others—in both positive and negative ways. Luckily, your bad moods don't last long.


    You favor logic. You combat the chaos of life by making lists and keeping track of every detail. You are prepared for every situation that life can throw at you. Keeping organized is important to your well-being.


    You enjoy a carefree approach to life. For you, variety is the spice of life. You don't like routine and will often switch things up at a moments notice. You view each day is a new adventure.


    You are a natural caregiver who instinctively nurtures others. You are the first to offer someone a place to say or take a stray animal in. You take on responsibility with ease. You do well in high-stress situations where you spring into action and fix it.


    You like to keep things close to the vest. You don't reveal your emotions easily, but are constantly analyzing others. You are introspective and deeply spiritual, always searching to answer life's questions. You only reveal your thoughts and options to those you truly trust.


    You have no problem telling people what you really think—and you don't sugar coat anything. You try to live honestly and have no use for phoniness. Your strong personality is driven by your ambition and work ethic. Money is important to you because it represents security and stability.


    Your motto in life is, "How can I help others?" You are a humanitarian and compassionate leader. You want to make the world a better place. You'd be a great activist because of your social-conscious and ability to attract loyal followers. Allow your generous heart to lead you through life.