What is a Medium & Mediumship?

A medium is the bridge between the spirit world and the physical world; mediums possess the ability to communicate with those who do not live in our physical world.

Some mediums are born with the skill and remember having the ability at a very young age, while others awaken later in life, through a trauma or deep meditation. Through their clair abilities, they may see spirit physically or in their third eye through clairvoyance; they may hear Spirit whisper in their ears through clairaudience; they may feel a spirit's energy and impressions through clairsentience; they may download information and just know spirit through claircognizance.

Most commonly, a medium is sought out to connect with loved ones in spirit. However, a medium can also connect to other spirit beings such as guides, angels, spirit animals, star beings, ascended masters, and elementals. The styles and specialties of each medium are vastly different. There are mediums who focus on helping law enforcement solve murder mysteries, mediums who consult with spirit to offer health advice and channel healing energy, mediums who visit haunted places and help earth bound souls find the light. In this work of discovering the unknown and tapping into the unseen, the categories only continue to grow.

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How to Know If You Are a Medium

Psychic and mediumship abilities are inherent within everyone. If you played with imaginary friends as a child, if you ever dreamt of a loved one in spirit visiting you, or if you ever had a feeling that a guardian angel was watching over you, then you are likely a medium. Most people ignore their psychic and mediumship abilities or disregard an inexplicable synchronicity as mere coincidence. Know that you have the potential to be your own medium, and that you can develop this ability if you chose to.

Q&A with a Practicing Psychic Medium

Denise Correll is a professional psychic medium based in Maine under her business name The Grateful Messenger. She offers in person, phone or audio readings. She is also the cohost of a successful podcast called The Enlightened Empath, which can be found on iTunes.

Q: When and how did you discover you were a psychic medium?

A: I was very lucky to grow up in a family where this was considered normal. My father was an amazing psychic medium and my mother was also very intuitive. Due to life circumstances, I was pretty much in the closet for most of my adult life until about 12 years ago when I decided to open that door again.

Q: What can people expect from a reading?

A: I am very down to earth and not at all airy fairy! I use a combination of Tarot, intuition, and divine intervention to connect with the energies surrounding and influencing a person's life. As an empath, I also feel the emotional and often the physical situations going on for a person as well. My goal is to bring through messages that will validate someone's own inner truth and knowing. As a medium, I strive to bring through messages and confirmation from loved ones who have passed to hopefully foster peace, continued love and at times necessary closure for those who are still here.

Q: What do you do to prepare for a reading and what do you do to end a full day of readings?

A: I have a very specific ritual of prayer and meditation before I do a reading. I ground myself, open my chakras, and say the same prayer every time I open up to work with spirit. At the end of the day, I reverse the process, always starting with giving thanks and gratitude for all that came through for people.

Q: What tools do you use as a psychic medium and what are your strongest abilities?

A: I hold an amethyst in my left hand and a rose quartz in my right hand. This was a practice I started many years ago and it has always helped me to stay in the zone while I'm doing readings. I like to light a white candle and will often sage before and in-between readings. I use the Tarot exclusively when I choose to use a tool for divination.

Clairvoyance was always my strongest connection, but over the years, clairsentience, claircognizance, and clairaudience have become part of my intuitive skill set. I am an evidential medium, so it is very important to me to bring through information that confirms who I have connected to in spirit.

Q: What is the coolest, strangest, most magical thing that has happened to you or a client doing this work?

A: I always feel very honored and humbled to bring through loved ones who have passed. Although I am not a practicing medical intuitive or medical professional, early in my career as a medium I brought through a message from a man in spirit encouraging his wife to go for a medical appointment. I had put my hand on the side of my neck during the reading and asked the woman if she was having any issues with her throat or neck. She looked uncomfortable but said no. Her daughter was with her and gave me a funny look but also didn't say anything. The man in spirit kept insisting she would be fine but needed to go to the doctor as soon as possible. I repeated the message and got the same reaction from his wife. About two weeks later, the daughter got in touch with me and said she had insisted her mother go to the doctor. They had found a cancerous mass on her neck and had started treatment immediately. If her husband hadn't been so insistent, they wouldn't have caught it in time. It's a wonderful reminder of how our loved ones in spirit are still looking out for us.

Q: Do you find that it is harder to read skeptics versus people who are open and believe?

A: It does take more energy for me to read skeptics. I used to feel like I had to prove to them that I was making a connection but after many years and so many readings, I'm not as thrown off as I used to be. It's much easier to work with like-minded people who are open and receptive.