Spiritual Readings Online

All psychics offer different types of readings. Some are more clairaudient than clairvoyant; some use Tarot while others solely rely on their intuition. To help decide which type of psychic reading is the best fit, look to this guide.

Also note that a psychic may employ all of these different methods in one session, depending on what the client is looking for.

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Energy Reading

Generally, most psychics will have the ability to read energy to provide insight and guidance. But a psychic providing an energy reading may not employ any other tools (think Tarot or pendulums). Instead, a client's energy will be translated through their clair abilities: clairvoyance (clear seeing), clairsentience (clear feeling), clairaudience (clear hearing), claircognizance (clear knowing), clairscent (clear smelling), clairgustance (clear tasting), and clairtangency (clear touching).

Think of the energetic body as a spiritual fingerprint. By tuning into a client's energy, a psychic can gain information about what has happened in their past, what is happening in the present, and possible paths for the future. They may hear a name or an important message; they may see who is deeply affecting the client; they may feel how a certain path can have a negative or positive outcome. Psychic energy readings can help clients understand where they are storing energy, which chakras are blocked, and how to get stagnant energy moving again. For example, they may sense a fracture in the heart chakra, which informs them of a heartbreak—or if more subtle, a heartbreak from the distant past that is still stored energetically.

Some psychics will connect with their spirit guides, angels, and other spirit beings that they have formed relationships with to channel information from the divine to the client. These spirit beings will use the psychic's sensitivity to energy to funnel information through their clair abilities. They may also connect to the client's own spirit beings, helping them to form their own connection with your spirit team. This is called channeling.

In a Tarot reading, a psychic will use their intuition to interpret the images and energy in the cards and how they relate to the circumstances surrounding a client. Tarot is an ancient tool used for guidance and divination. Through intention, the energy of the reader and the energy of the querent will affect the outcome of the spreads. Some psychics may also ask that their spirit guides or a divine being they connect to help influence the cards to provide the highest and best path for the querent. Tarot readers may use well-known spreads like the simple past, present, future spread or the Celtic cross, but they may also use more elaborate spreads.

During a Tarot reading, a psychic may also use their clair abilities in combination with the cards. For example, they may pull the Queen of Swords, and then will see in their mind's eye a sharp and critical woman in the querent's life with a maternal energy, guiding their interpretation of the card. If a card or outcome doesn't resonate, a good Tarot reader will be able to empower the querent to shift their energy and alter the path, or help them see or trust that this outcome is for their highest good. Ultimately, a querent may prefer a Tarot reading if they like to see a visual representation of what is happening in their life—and if they personally connect with the imagery and symbolism of the Tarot.

Past Life Regression

A past life regression can provide answers and healing in regard to phobias, traumas, limiting beliefs, negative patterns of behavior, and other psyche-related areas. Energy from past lives follows us throughout lifetimes, and karma will continue to reveal itself until it is addressed and healed in the present tense. In a typical past life regression, the practitioner will guide the client in a meditation or perform hypnosis so they're able to reach a state of trance. They may do a prayer of protection, calling on a spirit team to help in this process.

In the client's state of trance, the practitioner will ask a series of questions to get an idea of the setting and meaning of the life (or lives) relived—then, they will attempt to guide the client toward the root of what needs healing. Bringing awareness to the traumas of past lives can sometimes be enough to heal them in this life. For example, if a client has an inexplicable fear of swimming or drowning, they may have died in a flood or at sea in a past life. If a client is seeking healing because of a relationship with a specific person, they may discover that this person played an important part in their past life, and their karma or energetic connection must be cleared so they don't repeat.


Palmistry has been used for centuries by different cultures to foretell the characteristics, paths, and challenges of the client. Some readers will also look at the nose, thee forehead, and other parts of the body to divine information. When a baby forms in its mother's womb, it clenches its fist. This leaves an impression on the palm—called palmar flexion creases—and dictates the lines we live with. In some spiritual teachings, it is believed that before we incarnate into this lifetime, we make contracts with ourselves and our spirit teams about the lessons we will learn. This contract is believed to be a guideline, for once we incarnate, we have free will to do what we want. This contract may just be outlined on our palms.

A good palm reader will be able to tell you about self, love, life, career, destiny, and more based on the story the lines tell—as well as what to focus on to achieve the best personal outcome. If they see that health needs attention at a specific age, it does not mean that the client will fall ill and perish because of it, it means that they must take extra care of their health and be proactive. If the heart line is broken and not smooth, it does not mean the client will die alone, simply that they may have to work a bit harder than others in opening their heart and working on issues to maintain a strong romantic partnership.