Venus and Saturn are in Aquarius: Ease your heartache with a love Tarot reading

March 28, 2022

Not the greatest of news coming from the universe today! As romantic Venus meets up with serious Saturn in impersonal Aquarius, everything’s not exactly coming up all sunshine and roses in our love lives. No matter what your relationship status is, this isolating aspect can leave you feeling sad, alone, and unable to connect emotionally.

Of course, challenges on days like this can lead to some very enlightening solutions, but the hard work you must put in to get something positive out of this energy can be frustrating and completely draining. And yes, we’ve all heard “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” a million times, but, unfortunately, trite advice like that doesn’t always help on days like this.

But what will make you feel better and help you realize that there are better days ahead is a 2022 Love Tarot Reading. Filled with valid, useful, and constructive guidance for the year ahead, it can answer important questions about making improvements to your love life and feeling more emotionally connected in the months ahead. And on a day like this, you could really use the reassurance that a reading such as this one can provide.