6 Aquarius Season Dates to Tap into Other-Worldly Vibes

January 19, 2021

We may have left 2020 behind us, but the unprecedented planetary alignments we encountered last year lit up the sky to prepare us for 2021. Aquarius season is all about justice, equality, and the people. This zodiac sign rules the ankles, which plant Aquarians firmly on the ground to stand up for others and their beliefs. This Aquarius season won’t be a walk in the park, and although Aquarius is known for its ability to innovate, it’s also a fixed sign that can be resistant to change. With Uranus in Taurus forming tense aspects with the current Aquarius stellium in the sky, we are tasked with revolutionizing the status quo as we know it. 

There will certainly be some planetary disruptions and unpredictability may be at an all-time high (I’m looking at you, Mars conjunct Uranus on Inauguration Day), but there’s still much magic to access within the Water Bearer’s season. With Astrology+, you can sync these dates to the calendar on your phone and prepare for what’s to come even while you’re on the go. Now, let’s make the most of the eclectic energy.

January 23—Venus in Capricorn sextile Neptune in Pisces: Romance is in the air! When Venus, the planet of love, money, and values, connects with Neptune, the planet of illusion, glamour, and intuition in a soft sextile—it’s time to ready, set, manifest! Whether love or money is your focus, this energy is potent and favorable for any type of manifestation work, but it requires action. Sextiles are soft aspects, almost like gentle whispers that can disappear in the wind. If you don’t actively make use of this energy, it will pass you by. If you’re looking to call in an intention that’s love- or money-related, this is the perfect time. This energy is also incredibly creative and intuitive—a fine time to get lost in your art or focus on dreamwork.  

January 28—Venus in Capricorn conjunct Pluto in Capricorn: It’ll be hard to fight off the sexual energy that’s in the air today. When Venus, the planet of our affections, connects deeply with Pluto, the planet of sex and transformation, it’s likely this is a day to remember. With Pluto involved, the energy can manifest in a few ways—do your best to avoid leaning into jealous or manipulative behaviors. Power plays can run rampant under this conjunction, but there’s also an opportunity to dive deep and embrace true intimacy with someone today. The meeting of these two planets is a reminder that fearing your vulnerability ultimately holds you back. Lead with intimacy and see what blossoms (or what goes down in the bedroom).

February 1—Venus enters Aquarius: It’s time for a mood change! Venus has been moving through serious, goal-oriented Capricorn, which has been great for our work ethic and bank accounts. As the planet of our values enters forward-thinking Aquarius, our focus shifts to our hopes, dreams, and desires. With this innovative and eclectic Aquarian energy, we’re able to look past the tangible realm and visualize the future we crave. This transit is perfect for creating vision boards and filling them up with how you want your world to evolve in the next twelve months. A zodiac sign known for being an out-of-the-box thinker, Aquarius’ energy can help you receive divine insight and solutions to some longstanding issues in your life.

February 8—Sun in Aquarius conjunct Mercury in Aquarius: Our hearts are about to align with our minds as the sun, our life force, forms a conjunction with Mercury, the planet of communication. The sun will illuminate and feed whatever our minds have been focusing on, bringing clarity to situations on a deeper level. With the sun shining so brightly on this area of our mind, we can expect to have some ah-ha moments. Happening about three times a year, this aspect features the sun’s ability to offer the most help when it forms a cazimi, or when it sits 0 degrees and 16 minutes away from Mercury. This is known as being in the heart of the sun, but it’s a very specific and limited window. Take advantage of this aspect while you can. Since your words will carry extra weight, this is a wonderful time to use them and write intentions or release self-destructive thoughts on a piece of paper.
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February 11—Venus in Aquarius conjunct Jupiter in Aquarius: Valentine’s Day comes a little early this year when the two most fortunate planets in the sky meet up exactly. Venus, our legendary lover, and Jupiter, the planet of luck and abundance, form a conjunction that encourages us to indulge in ourselves and our lovers. How do you find pleasure? Today is the day to explore—whether your single or coupled up! We’ll find it’s a little easier to express our more intimate feelings under this link-up. If you’re looking for a more practical application of this aspect (hi, earth signs), this energy can easily be focused on your finances. Take a screenshot of your bank account and write over the number in your savings with a number you’d actually like to see. This is a great way to access this forward-thinking energy.

February 14—Mercury in Aquarius conjunct Jupiter in Aquarius: Get ready for blast off—your mind is about to expand! Valentine’s Day this year will require intellection stimulation and connection. When Mercury, the planet of the mind, meets with expansive Jupiter, no topic is off limits. This is a day—in true Aquarian fashion—that asks you to be open-minded and put yourself in other people’s position. Today, we are able to access and understand different points of view—and these conversations may lead to breakthroughs. Locate the house that Aquarius rules in your birth chart, and look to see what types of innovative conversations will stimulate your brain under this meetup. A simple way to pay it forward is to give others compliments freely today. Jupiter is a very compassionate planet that loves to give, and Mercury will allow us to do so with our words. Watch this simple magic unfold before your eyes.

Art by Koketit