August Astrology Forecast: A Blue Moon & the Rise of the Empowered Empress

July 31, 2023

It’s time to take a trip down memory lane! Sandwiched by two full moons and accompanied by two powerful retrogrades, August is a month that requests a deep revival of the soul. As we enter the month, Venus, Saturn, Neptune, Pluto, and Chiron are retrograde—and by the time we wrap up the month, Mercury and Uranus will also be moving backward in the sky. Things will be moving slowly due to the need to go back to the past for stories that need to be rewritten or reapproached. If you find a glitch in your strategy, use the August 1 full moon in Aquarius to course-correct and set your mind towards a different future. 

Due to the retrograde of Venus, this rewinding is of great concern to the world of relationships. When asked how astrology enthusiasts can harness the energy of this month, Latina Bruja Astrologer & Psychic Coach Esoteric Esa (Jasmin Alejandrez-Prasad) affirms that “August is a great time to revisit lost love affairs with our creative selves by developing new outlets to channel anger, frustration, and joy. This is the time to tap into our inner artists and have fun playing around with exploring new identities. The dialogue within our minds could be at an all-time high, especially once Mercury goes retrograde at month’s end, when not getting lost in old thought patterns is something to be aware of.”

The Retrograde of Venus Hits Climax

The retrograde of Venus in Leo hits climax between August 9 and August 22, which is when the planet of love clashes with Uranus and Jupiter in Taurus. Jasmin affirms that this is when we will experience what she calls, “The rise of the empowered empress! The divine feminine energy that can only come from Venus retrograde in Leo will pave the way for prominent femme and female voices to be heard and contribute to collective change, particularly in the areas of women’s rights, and usher in a new artistic renaissance.

Jasmin refers to the fact that Black Moon Lilith, the archetype of the outcast divine feminine rebel is strongly impregnating this retrograde, which will be heard loudly towards the August new moon in Leo. She affirms that around this time, “This combination of energies is going to create revolution with the way the collective generates money, and bring forth tremendous sacral chakra healing. There’s been an overdue stigma and shame around being an openly sexual and creatively liberated individual within Western society that is ready to be disrupted with this Venus retrograde.” 

On a more personal level, she predicts the effects of Venus retrograde inspiring many of us to step into alignment with our true sense of purpose and breaking away from relationships with partners that link us to harmful soul cycles and indoctrinated self-sacrificing timelines. In the end, she believes that this retrograde can help us “Build new relationships with a true passion for life, as it’s going to help many reconcile with others not only in romance but also with our ability to practice self-love.”

Mercury & Uranus Join the Retrograde Party

The zodiac sign Virgo is of nocturnal nature and therefore, often seen as quiet or “working behind the scenes.” Well, in 2023, Virgo season will have us go so deep into introspection, assisting us even further into this process of huge reinvention. As the sun enters Virgo on August 23, Mercury begins its retrograde in this same sign, which, according to Jasmin, “can transform the lens of self-sacrificing from outdated purity and nobility to a higher awareness of reframing the patriarchal grips on femininity. Basically, expect the revival of Lilith within all of us to inspire the way one generates their sensuality, spirituality, and sexuality,” she adds.

Then on August 28, the ultimate change-maker, Uranus, joins the party of liberation! This is the August astrological aspect Jasmin is most enthusiastic about: “I think it will help bring back collective stability in resources and finances through innovative ways. Many people will think outside the orthodox approach of generating financial wealth. This can lead to a rise of entrepreneurs, business expansion, and will shake the core of corporate America to consider better financial pay by investing in people with higher wages.” She affirms that this is the time to ask for more money, this is the time to elevate our money mindset!

Mars Enters Libra

On August 27, Mars enters Libra, its sign of detriment. For the next six weeks, it could be harder for us to assert ourselves—even with the awareness that we must! After all, the North Node is in Aries, pushing us to find the courage to ask for what we want and need. This influence will be felt more intensely in September as Mars collides with the cosmic black hole, the Lunar South Node. However, we must begin creating awareness around the reasons why we might be deciding to “let certain situations slide” instead of diplomatically addressing them. On the positive side, Mars in Libra can be a fabulous influence for those who require cultivating patience when dealing with complicated personal or business dealings.

August 2023 Blue Moon in Pisces

August comes to an end with a rare blue moon, the second full moon in one month. Happening in Pisces and close enough to Saturn, this lunar event will have us seek time alone so we can commune with our feelings. As the only lunation that will be sitting next to the sleeping teacher that Saturn is, it is a golden opportunity to find out how our thoughts affect the 3D reality. 

Higher spiritual forces always affirm that, for anything or anyone to exist in our lives, it must first be in our minds and our thoughts. As this blue moon rises in the sky on August 30 at 6:36 p.m. Pacific Time, ask yourself how what you see, think, and read influences how you perceive yourself and the world around you—you might be in for an enlightenment moment!