4 Energy Cleansing Rituals for the Blue Moon on Samhain & Halloween

October 26, 2020

This year, Samhain (the Witch’s New Year) and Halloween bring an extra spooky rare blue moon our way. A blue moon is brought to us earthlings every two and a half years. It’s an extra full moon in the calendar year, which means that there are thirteen full moons instead of twelve. And no, the moon doesn’t actually turn blue. We call it that because of folklore propagated over time by Cardinal Wolsey, who was Henry VIII’s advisor in the 1500s in England.

Magically speaking, blue and full moons are amazing opportunities to release and heal. And, being that a blue moon is an extra full moon that we’ll be experiencing this month, it’s a very fortunate time to mend our bodies, minds, and hearts. Do you have a full moon hungover? Learn how to cure it with these tips!

This lunar phase is also associated with “drawing down the moon,” in which witches honor the divine feminine energy within us all by celebrating the Triple Goddesses (the Maiden, the Mother, and the Crone) who represent each phase of life.

Due to its connection to the divine, the moon is the most important tool that witches use for spell-casting, intentions, and manifestations. It’s the nurturer and giver of emotions, the illuminator of all mysteries, revealer of secrets, natural timekeeper of the world, ultimate life source, and controller of the water on this planet.

The blue moon that occurs on October 31 is in the sign of Taurus, which is where the moon is exalted in. Meaning, its favorite astrological sign to be in is Taurus, due to its ability to embody all of the moon’s favorite sentiments: eat, drink, and be merry. By the way, expect major revelations during this blue Taurus moon!

Samhain (a holiday witches celebrate to honor the dead) and Halloween are extremely energetically potent times when the veil between the spiritual and physical world is thinned. At this time of year, you might also enjoy reading about how spirit work and door-to-door soliciting are behind Halloween’s pagan and cultural origins.

This is one of the few times within the year that we can easily bridge the gap between both worlds. Falling on Samhain and Halloween, this blue moon will serve as an extra illumination on the metaphorical realm, as full moons tend to expose matters on Earth due to its effervescent glow. This will allow us to see and connect with ghosts, spirits, and our intuition—which makes 2020’s Samhain and Halloween the spookiest night ever.

Here are a few magical ways to honor the blue moon on Samhain and Halloween:

Moon Water and Moon Crystals

Take a pitcher, jar, or container of water and place by the window to make moon water. The same can be done with crystals (place them by the window to absorb the energy) overnight. The energy of the moon will be given to the water and crystals. You can use the water to drink, cook, or bathe in. You can add the crystals to a healing bath to help calm your personal vibe. Using the lunar energies in this capacity will help to center emotions and attain clarity.

Cleansing Bath to Release and Heal

Blue or full moons are an ideal time to take a moon bath, as it’s a wonderful opportunity to connect to water which the moon rules here on Earth. Using moon water or moon crystals in the bath is optional. But adding Epsom or Himalayan salt is a necessity, as it cleanses the aura. You can also add natural essences and oils. Putting fresh or dried flowers (roses for love) is great too. Spices (like basil for money), herbs (eucalyptus for healing), and dried or fresh fruit (orange peels are used to add sweetness) will add to the energy that you are calling in, as well as releasing.

If you do not have a bathtub, you can blend all of the ingredients you want in a bowl with water and pour over your shoulders in the shower. Before getting into the bath or shower, think of your intention. This is what you want to bring to fruition and manifest. The same applies to what you want to release from your life (like a bad habit, situation, or relationship). Meditate on it before, during, and after the bath or shower. Keep in mind that magical baths require us to tap deep within; therefore, you can use any blend of oils, flowers, and herbs that feels right to you.

Blue Moon Circle

A blue or full moon circle is a confidential meeting and ritual in which coven members or friends spill all the tea in their lives with each other. Call upon your coven or friends to meet up on Zoom. Give everyone space to discuss their emotions and feelings openly. Let everyone talk. Do not chime in with advice or commentary, as it’s their time to express their emotions without judgment. This will help everyone connect and become closer to each other. It also allows all the participants to feel good when they get all of their feelings out.

Protection from the Evil Eye

The evil eye is important to be aware of. It’s the feeling of anger or jealousy people send to us—it can be given to us even if we don’t know the person in real life. Therefore, we must protect ourselves from the evil eye by making blue salt. And being that this an energetically sensitive time, this spell is super important. You can make this by blending table salt with thistle, irises, or lavender flowers (fresh or dried). Place the mixture in a sachet or in a bowl under your bed for protection from negative vibes others send your way.

Main image by Alice Alinari
Floral bath image by Hanna Postova 

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