A Blue Moon Ritual to Honor August’s Rare Lunation

August 10, 2021

The first and only blue moon of 2021 occurs on Sunday, August 22, and we have the perfect blue moon ritual to help you absorb its magic!

Being that this is the third full moon in the season, it’s declared a blue moon. A blue moon can also occur when there are two full moons in a month, but this is not one of those moments in time. It’s the second part of the story that was brought to light during the July 23 Aquarius full moon.

The blue moon is the closing energy of passion projects that began two years ago. It’s time to take the information that we’ve learned and impart it into our wisdom of all matters regarding the novel ideas that were a dream. Now that we’ve put our plans into reality, we can understand how to best move forward under the blue moon. This is a time of reflection and understanding, as we navigate the best ways to move forward.

This luminary is an extremely rare phenomenon—hence the expression “once in a blue moon.” Therefore, it’s important that we give the moon all the love that it deserves by taking time out from our daily routines to honor it.

How to Honor the Blue Moon in Aquarius

Taking a bath as a blue moon ritual is extremely important, because the moon rules the tides of the ocean, which means that the moon controls the water on earth. Being that all living creatures are composed of 60% water, it’s important to give the water element and moon TLC and appreciation of its energy.

Blue and full moons are usually thought of as a time of reflection—they aren’t moments of taking direct action. However, you are always allowed to create the magical space and spells that you wish. Traditionally, blue and full moons are a time of honoring the moon and its glory. But any experienced magic practitioner states that magic is a personal experience, and you are allowed to manifest or set intentions as you, the spellcaster wishes. For this particular luminary, we are going to create a moon bath and use the Aquarian energy as a time to find our calm center.

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blue moon ritual

A Ritual for the Aquarius Blue Moon

Before you begin any magical endeavor, it’s important to set the right intention. This means writing down the goals that you wish to obtain and what you would like to cleanse yourself or get rid of. Write it down on a piece of paper with a pencil. Once you have set your intention, fold up the piece of paper and keep it in a place that no one but you will be able to find.

Now, you’re going to make moon water. You can do this by taking a glass container or a bowl of tap water. Then, place it by the window underneath the moon glow. It’s best to do this the night before the full moon occurs because you will need to let the water absorb the lunar energy for at least six to twelve hours. You can place an amethyst crystal in the container of water as it rests under the moon. Amethyst is the crystal associated with Aquarius, which is why it’s ideal to charge the moon water with its energy.

Using a cup of Epsom salt or Himalayan Sea Salt, add thornless white flowers like baby’s breath and a few dashes of Florida water to a pot of boiling water. You can stir all of these ingredients together for two minutes, then strain the ingredients out so that the water remains without the flowers in a bowl or mason jar. Let it sit until the water is room temperature.

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Soak Up the Blue Moon Magic

You can either draw a bath in the bathtub or take a shower with the water. If you draw a bath, then you can drizzle ingredients from the mason jar into the bathtub. If you are taking a shower, then you can pour the ingredients over your shoulders downwards to your feet. Concentrate on the intention you set earlier as your body absorbs the energies of the moon water, amethyst crystal, and the ingredients. Let your body, heart, and spirit connect. Embrace the flow and vibes that you are feeling. You are cleansing your aura by releasing the old stagnant forces surrounding you and allowing yourself to bring in new possibilities.

After you are done taking your bath or shower, step out and let the air dry the water off of your skin or tap the water down with the towel. The reason you want to do this is to allow the ingredients from the moon bath to radiate in your auric field. This will help bring in your intentions and also cleanse your energy.

Now, you can bring in what you want because you have released all of the old residual sentiments and emotions that have been surrounding you for months or even years. Let yourself rest throughout the day and relax.