July’s Full Moon Bring Us to a Critical Point In Our 2021 Storybook

July 23, 2021

The full moon on July 23, 2021 (7:37 p.m. Pacific Daylight Time, 1°26’) will be the first of two in Aquarius.

“Don’t take anything personally” is one of Don Miguel Ruiz’s famous Four Agreements, and also one of this lunation’s most important lessons. The Aquarius full moon offers a big-picture perspective that helps us understand it’s not all about us. More often than not, the way others react to us has more to do with them.

Being able to detach in this way can spare us a lot of unnecessary suffering. Still, we’ll want to make sure that we aren’t completely cut off from our emotions. Under the Aquarius moon, we sometimes try to rationalize them away, or let the hive mind dictate how we’re “supposed” to feel. But the sun in the opposite sign of Leo gets us out of our own heads and into our hearts. No, we’re not the center of the universe—but we are at the center of our own unique experience, and our personal feelings matter.

The Aquarius/Leo polarity highlights this tension between personal and impersonal that’s present in each of our lives. Meanwhile, Venus in opposition to Jupiter (exact the day before this lunation) reveals a similar tension between our ideals of universal love and our desires for something more specific.

July Full Moon Meaning

For Venus in Virgo, love is in the details. And the best way to show you care is by paying attention to the particulars—not only noticing what’s beautiful and brilliant, but also pointing out where there’s room for improvement. To Jupiter in Pisces, though, this can seem a little petty. All is one, and everything is connected—so ultimately, the details don’t really matter.

Jupiter softens Venus’ more critical tendencies, so we’re less focused on fixing flaws and more open to loving what is. But there’s some temptation to spiritually bypass, and gloss over the important relationship issues that Venus wants us to address. Some adjustments may be needed—and as the moon and sun quincunx Venus and Jupiter, we’ll know exactly what they are.

Adjusting to changing circumstances has been a constant theme this year, thanks to the Saturn/Uranus square. And in the twenty-four hours following this lunation, the Aquarius moon will reactivate this energy as she conjoins Saturn and squares Uranus. During this time, we can expect to encounter some challenges that put our emotional maturity and self-discipline to the test. Remember, we can’t always control what happens in our lives. But how we choose to respond in these unexpected circumstances is entirely up to us.

Instinct, intuition, and intellect will all be needed to guide us in the right direction. Fortunately, a Grand Air Trine between the Aquarius full moon, Vesta in Libra, and Black Moon Lilith in Gemini gives us easier access to all three. Flashes of insight can seem to hit us out of nowhere like a bolt from the blue, and looking for the beauty in everything can lead to some surprising revelations. Aquarius embraces everything from science and technology to the arts and the occult—so at this full moon, don’t be afraid to embrace alternative ways of knowing.

Read on for your sun and rising signs to learn more about what this full moon means for you.

july full moon aquarius.

Horoscopes for the July Full Moon in Aquarius


Saturn in your sign has really stepped up your personal responsibility. But Aquarius, this full moon is more about “response-ability”: how you respond to your own emotions, and those expressed by others. The feelings coming up right now might not be what you’d expect, but understanding them is well worth the effort.


You give so much of yourself, Pisces. But this full moon reminds you that generosity has its limits. Although it may feel that way sometimes, empathizing with someone does not make you responsible for solving their problems or processing their emotions. Work on setting better boundaries to conserve your emotional energy.


Peer pressure can sometimes be a positive thing. But this depends, Aries, on the company you keep. So at this full moon, make sure you’re surrounded by the right kinds of people: those who share (or at least support) your values and vision, and will hold you accountable for living up to them.


We all want to be part of something bigger than ourselves. And Taurus, this full moon reveals a unique contribution that you can make to the collective. Chances are, though, it’s not a ready-made role. Rather, it’s a niche you’re carving out for yourself, an authentic expression of your personality and passion.  


You pride yourself on keeping an open mind. What might be harder, Gemini, is keeping an open heart—especially toward your own idiosyncratic emotions. At this full moon, they can seem like a code that’s waiting to be cracked. But rather than imposing intellectual interpretations, let them reveal their own inner logic.


Ever suspected you might be a little psychic? If so, Cancer, it’s time to get serious about exploring this untapped potential. Don’t worry too much about whether others will think it’s weird. For now, focus on cultivating your gifts, learning to use them responsibly, and making your sensitivity work for you.


You shine brightly enough on your own, Leo. So why hang around with people who want you to dim your light? True, at this full moon, your personality and passion might be “too much” for some people. But if that’s the case, then all it means is that they’re not the people for you.


Tired of “taking one for the team,” Virgo? If so, perhaps it’s time to start looking out for yourself. As much as you pride yourself on being a team player, sometimes it’s appropriate to put your own needs first. Take some time and space around this full moon to prioritize your own wellbeing.


“All work and no play”—if this describes your life right now, Libra, it’s time to get out there and have some fun! Perhaps, though, it’s been so long that you’ve forgotten how to relax and enjoy yourself. Don’t overthink it; Just say “yes” to the unusual opportunities that this full moon presents.


Emotions are just energy in motion, Scorpio. So if you’re feeling stuck and stagnant at this full moon, it’s important to get that energy flowing freely again. Watch a movie that gives you a good laugh (or cry), move to your favorite music, or channel your feelings into a fun new creative project.


It takes discipline to be a free spirit, Sag. So at this July full moon, it’s time to get serious about creating the life that you want—and co-creating the world that you want to live in. Remember, the personal choices you make for yourself are also contributing to our collective reality.


Who says money and creativity don’t mix, Capricorn? Like anything else in life, finances can be an outlet for expressing your individuality—especially around this full moon. Don’t be afraid to break with conventional wisdom regarding money and possessions. With your discipline and diligence, you can be trusted to make sound decisions.