5 Cancer Season Dates to Tap into Your Intuition

June 18, 2021

Each year Cancer season arrives with extra magic thanks to the Summer Solstice. As the days become longer, we experience more of the sun’s warmth and vitality. As we leave eclipse season and Mercury retrograde behind us, a change of cosmic scenery is more than welcome. By finding a balance between work and play, we can make the most of Cancer season and prioritize our needs and rest, while also making time for those we cherish most in our lives.

This Cancer season will have the sun, our positive protagonist, syncing up gently with many of the celestial bodies in the sky. Cancer is a zodiac sign that’s known for its intuitive nature and its innate nurturing skills. Family, home, and themes around how we nurture ourselves and those we care for will crop up for reflection during this time. And who could forget a Cancer’s unparalleled intuition?

Ruled by the moon itself, it’s no wonder this water sign has a cosmic advantage when it comes to psychic abilities. Let’s unpack some of the magic this Cancer zodiac season has in store for us. But first, here’s the best part. If you want to make the most of these aspects on the go, subscribe to Astrology+, where you can sync these dates directly to your phone.

The Most Positive Dates for Cancer Season

June 20: Sun enters Cancer/Summer Solstice: With the Summer Solstice, we bid adieu to the charismatic chaos that Gemini season brings, and the pace slows down. With longer days, there are some benefits to slowing down—spend time sunbathing, enjoy a sunset, or have a BBQ with loved ones after work. The increase of sunlight allows for more opportunities to spend time with those we love—our chosen family. This is also the beginning of a new season, a new cycle, and is quite a potent time to call in fresh beginnings. Don’t underestimate how powerful this energetic shift is for manifesting—there’s a reason witches around the world have celebrated the solstice for thousands of years.

June 23: Sun in Cancer trine Jupiter retrograde in Pisces: It’s time to grow in all of the best ways. When the sun, our life force, syncs gently with Jupiter, the planet of expansion, we are called to reflect on our relationship to abundance. Our hearts expand tenfold today and it’s easy to see the glass as half full. When we build one another up and support each other, it’s easy to see the pay-it-forward effect. Positive energy cultivates more positive energy. This is a wonderful time to spend your day visualizing growth in your own life. Where do you want to be in five years? What areas of your life are you hoping to expand? Use this cosmic portal to visualize the life you want and think big. Don’t hold back!

July 5: Sun in Cancer sextile Uranus in Taurus: Change may be scary, but usually, it’s once we let go and surrender that there is space to invite something new and exciting into our lives. Today is a reminder of how going against routines and the status quo can facilitate encouraging growth. Uranus is the planet of liberation, surprise, and change. When it meets in a harmonious sextile with the sun, it’s a gentle reminder that sometimes to create the most beautiful and impactful masterpiece, we need to color outside the lines. How can you shift your approach today? What feels stagnant in your life? Boil it down to an affirmation, write it on your water bottle, and drink it with intention. Let the magic begin from the inside out.

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A New Moon in Cancer

July 9: New Moon in Cancer: It’s no secret that under Cancer new moons our intuition is heightened. New moon phases are all about utilizing intuition—there’s no light in the sky, and we must trust our higher selves to move through the darkness. This new moon in particular is in a mystical conversation with Neptune, the planet of spirituality, selflessness, and illusion. If you’re interested in exploring your subconscious and psychic abilities, there is no better lunation to dive in. The new moon is a bit of a double-edged sword, though, as its contact with Chiron and Pluto stirs up buried resentments and pain that must be purged and processed to pave our path forward. Neptune’s sweet trine with the moon in Cancer will offer the ability to heal once we unpack some of our deeper emotions.

July 17: Sun in Cancer opposite Pluto in Capricorn: Sometimes the most potent magic comes when we unearth our shadow side. When the sun, the planet of energy and identity, casts a light on Pluto, the planet of obsession, manipulation, jealousy, and the taboo, we are in for a wild ride. Today’s magic won’t be felt overnight. And it may arrive with some tears, too. To truly embrace a magical lifestyle means to do the work on yourself—the hard work. What have you been hiding beneath the surface? What truths do you refuse to see about yourself? Where can you shift your path for your highest good? Today may arrive with some emotional heavy lifting that requires unapologetic self-awareness, but you’ll be all the stronger for it as you move forward in your truth.