A Summer Solstice 2021 Ritual to Bring Back Magic Into Your Life

June 19, 2021

The Summer Solstice 2021 occurs on Sunday as the sun enters Cancer on June 20 at 8:32 p.m. PDT as we welcome a new season. Summer is officially in full gear, which means that it’s time to switch up our energy. People will be celebrating the Solstice on June 21 worldwide, as the majority of countries are hours ahead of the U.S. This not only marks the beginning of summer, but also the longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere. 

A few days later, Midsummer’s Day occurs (a holiday typically celebrated in Europe) on June 24. The reason the holiday falls on the twenty-fourth is due to the confusion in calendars (there was a discrepancy in the Julian and Georgian calendars, confused by the tropical years). The reason that this holiday stands out amongst the Solstice, is because it’s thought to be an empowering and joyful day and evening for witches. According to folklore, witches and fairies dance through the night in the sky, relishing in the energizing seasonal shift. 

A Rose Petal Ritual to Attract Love

Spreading pink and white rose petals along the walkway of singletons will bring their true love on Midsummer’s Day. The rhyme they would sing is: 

“Rose leaves, rose leaves,

Rose leaves I strew.

They that will love me

Come after me now.”

The intent is to welcome in their true love the next day. Those who are in relationships still throw petals in their path to stabilize and revive the romance in their lives. 

The best way to embrace the Solstice is to honor the sun. After all, it’s responsible for giving life and power to every living being on Earth. While lighting bonfires is ideal, it’s not the most eco-conscious way to have fun during the Solstice. However, if you have ways to safely light a mini bonfire, then it’s ideal to sit in front of one with friends and family while embracing the sunny vibes with jovial cheer and libations. Discuss what you want to manifest and let go of in the upcoming days. Remember, this is a chance to start anew. Therefore, it’s important to make sure that you’re bringing in your truth. Speak about your dreams. Let them be known to ensure they come true. 

summer solstice ritual

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Magical Ways to Welcome the Summer Solstice 2021

Have a feast outside with those that you care about. Eat sweet summertime fruits, drink wine, and have an abundant spread of desserts. Enjoying the day under the sun with those that you love will warm your heart and set the tone for the new season. 

Grab a blanket and sit outside on the grass. Meditate on the intentions that you want to set for the new season. Thinking deeply about your summertime goals will allow you to gain clarity on what you wish to attain and add to your life. 

Charging Your Crystals & Ritual Tools

Charge your crystal collection under the sun and let them soak up the energy of the day. This will give them a lot of vibrancy and potency when using in your personal magic. Charging clear quartz (this is a crystal that gives power to others), rose quartz (for self-love), and sunstone (to activate one’s truest self) are ideal for the Summer Solstice, as they require the glow of the sun to perform to their best abilities. (Please note: You can charge the crystals you want, these are the ones that we recommend.)

Do yoga outside. Start doing your Sun Salutations in the park during the morning hours. Welcome the positive vibes as you stretch and breathe out the energy from last season. 

An hour before sunset, start a sun ritual. Dance under the sun with friends or solo. Offer the sun some love. Let the sun know that you feel alive and powerful in its presence. 

Have a community cook off or donate food to a charitable organization in your neighborhood. Connecting with your neighbors and community will set a positive tone for the next few months. Also, giving to those in need will help unify you with others. 

Allow yourself to laugh. Summer is a light season that’s associated with fun. Embracing your inner child will allow you to feel as though you’re living your best life. Forget all your worries today and smile.

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