Capricorn Moon Conjunct Pluto: Sweet Power Moves

February 12, 2018

Today, the Capricorn moon conjoins Pluto in Capricorn.

Capricorn rules our outer face, our public persona. It is about power, status, and ambition. Pluto is at home here because it’s comfortable with the dark energy of power, but the moon is more sensitive, more inward.

The moon is emotional, while Capricorn and Pluto are less so.
Discover the secrets behind your unique emotional nature…

How can we keep our emotional self present amid this external, manifesting energy that is swirling around us?

Vanilla bean is a plant that balances physical prowess with sweetness.

We all know vanilla by its inviting, homey smell that reminds us of baked treats.

While it is sweet, it also packs a punch, working on a physical level even when addressing emotional or energetic issues.

When used in an essential oil – for aromatherapy or as an extract in baking or in tinctures – it can increase mental capabilities, increase energy, and attract good luck.

The essential oil is a proven aphrodisiac, working again on the physical level to boost libido. It can lift depression, and it works as a sedative to counter anxiety.

Try adding vanilla bean extract to more foods and drinks, not just the usual cookies and sweets. Or use vanilla essential oil on your skin to absorb both the physical and emotional benefits.

Incorporating vanilla today will help make sure the moon’s sweetness doesn’t get lost amid all the Capricorn power moves.

Grounding Element Pro-Tip: Use this pure vanilla essential oil as a perfume to manifest the sweetness of today’s energy.