Chinese New Year 2018: A Chinese Zodiac Guide to the Year of the Earth Dog

February 15, 2018

This year, Chinese New Year (also known as the Lunar New Year) falls on Friday, February 16, 2018. We will be making the big energy shift from fire Rooster to earth Dog.
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The year of the earth Dog is one of friendships and connections. It’s a great time to expand your network of helpful people and focus on being of assistance to others.

Make a mental note to pause often to consider an action before jumping in. Curb your impulses, whether they involve spending, eating, arguing, or any other habit you’re not so happy about.

Regular meditation, even for just five minutes a day, is a great tool for keeping impulses in check; it’s the perfect activity during an earth year.


Some traditional and meaningful ways to mark this holiday include: wearing the color red to symbolize luck, feasting on long noodles to symbolize longevity, and ending a meal with a bright orange tangerine with leaves attached, to represent prosperity.

In addition, be careful not to break anything. Don’t lend out any money, and avoid arguments since, traditionally, any of these things might bring you bad luck during the coming year.
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How you will fare during the year of the earth Dog is based on how your Chinese zodiac sign relates to the sign of Dog. Below are a few tips for the upcoming year for each sign.
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Dog chases Rat for fun. Rat goes where Dog cannot follow. 
Opportunities abound for the quick-moving Rat in 2018, but you need to take some risks. Introduce yourself, ask for the job, suggest a coffee date, send the proposal. You will gain when you take action.


Dog runs at Ox from the side. Ox is blindsided and moves in a different direction. 
Change course this year. Don’t stubbornly continue to do the same things as before. You will benefit greatly from assessing your relationships, considering a new job, or letting go of a bad habit.


Dog chases Tiger. Tiger eats Dog. 
The world is yours for the taking. In this lucky year, don’t let the abundance of opportunities cause you to fall asleep. Even the smallest step toward your goal will bring big rewards and help from others.


Dog chases Rabbit. Rabbit runs for his life. 
When the road ahead is blocked, consider a change of plans. You are versatile and adaptable, and this serves you well this year. Consider the many options you have and be ready to take a new path when necessary.


Dog barks at Dragon. Unconcerned, Dragon flies away. 
You’ll get what you want through cooperation this year. This can be a challenge for the high-flying Dragon. You might not want to come down to earth, but if you gather support for your goals, you will do well in 2018.


Dog attacks Snake. Snake attacks Dog. 
You can sense the rumblings of change, and you easily step aside to avoid difficulties. Your ability to be flexible and go with the flow will bring you many opportunities this year.


Dog barks at Horse. Horse kicks and trots away. 
This will be a lucky and prosperous year for you! You can expand your team or network and find new friends. A little effort on your part now will benefit you for years to come in all matters of business and love.


Dog herds Sheep. Sheep changes direction. 
This year, you’ll be able to hear your inner voice loud and clear. Listen to your intuition! When you feel the need for change, don’t hesitate. When you sense it’s time to stay put, do so. In both instances, you are correct.


Dog barks at Monkey. Monkey climbs tree. 
You can stay on the sidelines if you wish, but it won’t move you closer to your goals. Taking bold action on your most exciting projects and interests will bring you success.


Dog barks at Rooster through the fence. Rooster is irritated but unconcerned. 
This will be a much better year for you. The seeds you planted last year are starting to sprout. Job opportunities, a good love relationship, and much more await you this year.


Dog plays with other Dogs. A pack is born. 
It’s a new beginning and the start of a new twelve-year cycle for you. Get rid of old projects, remove clutter, and let go of negative people. Become the authority of your life! Be the pack leader and you will prosper.


Dog barks at Pig through the fence. Pig is nervous but unharmed. 
Your psychic sense tells you that some adjustment in your plans is needed. When you know, take action. The most comfortable place for you will be revealed this year through the advice of friends.