December Full Moon: Super Moon in Gemini

December 1, 2017

December 3, 2017
7:46 AM PST

This December full moon is sometimes called the Cold Moon, the Long Night’s Moon, or the Oak Moon. 

This full moon is a super moon, which means its orbit is very close to earth. Super moons appear around 10% larger than a regular full moon. Your emotions might feel larger. There are opportunities for deeper releases. Illumination and insights might be popping and crackling. 

This full moon is in Gemini; the sun is in Sagittarius. Gemini is ruled by Mercury, which also goes retrograde on the third until December 23. This is an excellent time for wrapping up loose ends, finishing up a project, or turning inwards. Clear communication must be highlighted here. Be self-reflexive: examine the ways in which you communicate to others. Do you really need to fight that battle? Pause before speaking about complicated subjects. Slow down; re-read your emails or texts before you send them. 

This full moon is good for ideas.

This full moon might have you buzzy and feeling wired and possibly surreal. It is a super moon in Gemini, after all. Attributes of Gemini include intellect, creativity, ingenuity, and communication. If you get ideas, write them down. Let yourself feel as creative as you’ve been yearning to be. It might be a great idea to spend an hour or more sometime during this full moon weekend writing down desires, hopes, creative ideas, plans and goals for your career or life. If you are feeling revved up, or unable to sleep or concentrate, work with the energy accordingly. Harness the electricity of your neurons going off by expressing them in constructive and healthy ways. Make a collage, write some poetry, create an abstract photoshoot out of found objects in your apartment. Then take a salt bath or cuddle up under a soft blanket to decompress. If you brain needs feeding, nourish it. Listen to a meditation, do research around a topic that fascinates you. Open up portals in your own mind you didn’t know where there.

Reflect and release.

This full moon might be doing the job of illuminating your entire year back to you. For some of us this might feel challenging—this has been an extremely painful and raw time for the collective. Be gentle on yourself in processing your lessons and growth. Can you be creative and make it into a story? If it were a movie, what would be the pivotal scenes? Write about it, draw your favorite gifts, tell a trusted friend about it. When we name our lessons out loud, we integrate them into the present. It might be easier to congratulate yourself on your growth if you write out the themes that came up for you under the light of the moon. 

This would be an opportune time to release. Put what needs to go into the past into the past. Burn your regrets and resentments around a fire or through a candle’s flame. Make amends or reach out to those who need reaching out to with care and compassion. Embark on the process of letting go so that your New Year will feel that much fresher. 
During this full moon weekend, pause to access what you need to give yourself. We can give ourselves the proper time to reflect and recalibrate, breathe deep and sink back into the newest version of ourselves. Give ourselves the time to catch up to ourselves. Catch up to this year. Then, refreshed, we can write our new poems, declare our new manifestos. Launch our bright wishes like so many clear quartz arrows exploding into the sky as blinking stars. 


Orange calcite helps stimulate creativity. 
Dalmatian stone helps calm anxious or frazzled nerves. 
Aragonite helps us clear blocks and brings patience. It can help with trust, seeing the truth, and aids with understanding. 
Celestite connects us with the spirit realm, helping us see a greater picture and access messages.
Optic calcite or any clear quartz helps us see scenarios more clearly, and brings a blank slate quality to one’s energy. 

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