5 Ways to Protect Your Energy from Energy Vampires

September 10, 2021

When it comes to energy vampires, or “emotional vampires,” it’s incredibly important to protect your energy. Here are a few tactics for dodging them.

What Is an Energy Vampire?

Energy vampires are people who feed off another’s light. They gaslight, they deflect, they crave attention and display similar traits to narcissists. A relationship with an energy vampire is one-sided. They hold grudges. Additionally, they’ll calculate your every move to determine whether you are considering them in your decisions. 

They say they want you to succeed, but only if your success doesn’t threaten theirs. They say they want you to be happy, but only if your happiness is a level below theirs. In fact, they may even insult you, but sugarcoat the attacks as jokes. And if you take it too seriously, it’s your fault. You’re the one who is “too sensitive.” These behaviors stem from fear, insecurity, and lack of self-confidence.

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3 Signs You’re Dealing with Energy Vampires

1) You are energetically drained by them. Feeling tired while you are with them or after you’ve left their company is normal. You may even feel drained just thinking about them. An energy vampire literally leeches you of your vibrancy. So, you may feel exhausted after giving them your attention—and that’s because they don’t reciprocate. 

2) They dominate conversation. Energy vampires are emotionally underdeveloped and lack a sincere sense of empathy. When you have a conversation with them, they will always find a way to bring the subject back to them. You won’t have the opportunity to say how you’re doing or go deeper than surface-level. It’s not that they don’t care about you; their natural disposition is to care as much as it benefits them.

3) They make themselves the victim. Energy vampires are constantly making excuses for their behavior. In fact, they will often paint themselves as victims in order to avoid accountability. If you communicate something that has bothered you, they will do anything in their power to deflect—including blaming you. 

5 Ways to Protect Your Energy

  1. Identify the energy vampire in your life.

While this may sound easy, energy vampires are stealthy. Take note of how you feel before you meet up with a possible energy vampire, and how you feel afterward. Where in your body do you feel the lack of energy? Is it in your heart, your head, your gut? Where in your body do you feel the heaviness? You may feel both tired and anxious.

2. Learn to say “no.”

If you can’t honor your own boundaries, why would an energy vampire? You’ll have to find the courage and self-respect to decline an invitation. If you have to spend time with them, learn to limit your interactions. 

3. Inform a trusted friend that you’re dealing with an energy vampire.

With someone on your side, they can help you identify when you should (and shouldn’t) take responsibility. They can also help you recognize toxic behavior patterns. Nothing can fill you up from a draining interaction like a dear friend or family member.

4. Carry protection crystals.

If you must have a face-to-face conversation with an energy vampire, use spiritual protection. Protection crystals and grounding elements can help steep the conversation in a grounded state. These include any red or black crystals—such as jasper, garnet, black tourmaline, smoky quartz, and onyx. These stones can help strengthen your own energy and deflect an energy vampire’s ability to latch onto your field. 

5. Call on your spirit guides.

Your spirit guides—as well as angels and ancestors—can protect you with a shielding energetic aura. Visualize them infusing your energetic field with protective light. Asking them for healing for the energy vampire as well. 

Protect Your Energy Quotes

1. My relationships are harmonious and reciprocal. 

2. Love is respecting boundaries.

3. “No” is a complete sentence.

4. My time and energy are sacred.

5. I am strong, grounded, and protected.

6. My wellbeing is my first priority. 

7. I nurture the relationships that nurture me.

8. Empathy is power, empathy is healing.

9. It is my divine right to let people go.

10. My energy is not for you to take.